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[Game Event] Raging Tanks Friday May 1, 2020 @ 6pm EST (Server Time)


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If you are the one who loves competitions, battles, driving and just having fun - this event is for you.

Event format: battles on the ironclads; deathmatch, team-battles.
Event date/time: May, 1st (Fri) at 6 pm server time.
This event manager and main judge: Ariess.
Event location: Red Dragon's Keep.

Event details:
  • Event will include 3 rounds of battles in deathmatch format. Each round will have 1 winner only and event will have a total of 3 winners (1 team-winner per round):
    • 1st round winner --> 1st place
    • 2nd round winner --> 2nd place
    • 3rd round winner --> 3rd place
  • Team will include 2 players - 1 driver + 1 on cannons.
  • Teams will need to register beforehand. Faction of the team members doesn't matter. Registration deadline date - May, 1st.
  • Only registered teams can participate.
  • Event will take place only in case we have more than 5 teams registered.
Important! Teams will need to prepare Steel Ammo.

Event steps:

  • Teams register on the Forums, in the event thread. Team should include 2 players.
  • Event Manager provides the teams with the Ironclads right prior the event, when they come start point. Ironclads teams receive are temporary (1 hour) and faster than regular (12 m/s).
  • Event Manager chooses the position for each team on the battlefield.
  • Teams summon their Ironclads and confirm that they are ready. Judge gives a start to the event.
  • Battle ends when only 1 team-winner is left. Round winners will not participate in the next round. Same way will go round 2 and round 3.

To register team needs to provide:
  1. Team name.
  2. Team members names (2 players; faction of the team members doesn't matter).
  3. Comment at your choice.

  • Don't attempt to sabotage event. That is forbidden!
  • During the event only Ironclads provided by the event manager are allowed to be summoned. Other vehicles and mounts are forbidden.
  • Players are restricted to repair their Ironclads. If Ironclad is destroyed, team loose the round and receives new Ironclad from the Event Manager for the next round.
  • Players killed by the ammo will not count, only Ironclads destroyed will count.
  • PvP is forbidden (accidental kills by the ammo don't count) and to inflict damage only Ironclads can be used.
  • Audience is welcomed but keep the distance from the battlefield and don't mess up with the event participants and other players who came to watch the battle.
  • If your Ironclad is destroyed, your team leaves the battlefield for this round.
  • It's allowed to leave the driving seat or cannon if required for the actions like: healing yourself or team member, replacing a dead team-mate at a cannon.
  • If your Ironclad is stuck, it's allowed to use Rider's Escape.
  • Borders of the battlefield will be watched by the event assistants, so don't try to hide to avoid the battle.
  • It is forbidden to use any equipment or title that increases the damage from the cannons.
  • Personal buffs and buffs from the team members are allowed.
  • Food to restore health and mana is allowed.

Reward (per team member):
1st place
- 4000 credits + title "Raging"
2nd place - 3000 credits + title "Raging"
3rd place - 2000 credits + title "Raging"

Rules, location and conditions of the event may change prior the event start.


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I know that most people are at home because of the COVID, but some of us are "Essential". Can you maybe change it back to like 7PM or 8PM Eastern??


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I know that most people are at home because of the COVID, but some of us are "Essential". Can you maybe change it back to like 7PM or 8PM Eastern??
We made it for 6pm server time so EU can participate.


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@Sparkle if we already have the "Raging" title can we get another one if we win or place?
Yes, if you already have the one and will win again, we can create a new one in such a case.
But the current number of the teams is not enough for the event. If more teams will not join, we may need to cancel. So, if you have other friends who are interested to participate, ask them to register in this thread.


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It was fun to watch. Hope to see you all as well as new participants during the next event again. Follow the [LINK] to register.

P.S. A few screenshots of the teams from this battle:

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg