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[Game Event] Raging Tanks Friday May 8, 2020 @ 6pm EST (Server Time)


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If you are the one who loves competitions, battles, driving and just having fun - this event is for you.

Event format: battles on the ironclads; deathmatch, team-battles.
Event date/time: May, 8th (Fri) at 6 pm server time.
This event manager and main judge: Ariess.
Event location: Red Dragon's Keep.

Event details:
  • Event will include 3 rounds of battles in deathmatch format. Each round will have 1 winner only and event will have a total of 3 winners (1 team-winner per round):
    • 1st round winner --> 1st place
    • 2nd round winner --> 2nd place
    • 3rd round winner --> 3rd place
  • Team will include 2 players - 1 driver + 1 on cannons.
  • Teams will need to register beforehand. Faction of the team members doesn't matter. Registration deadline date - May, 8th.
  • Only registered teams can participate.
  • Event will take place only in case we have more than 5 teams registered.
Important! Teams will need to prepare Steel Ammo.

Event steps:

  • Teams register on the Forums, in the event thread. Team should include 2 players.
  • Event Manager provides the teams with the Ironclads right prior the event, when they come start point. Ironclads teams receive are temporary (1 hour) and faster than regular (12 m/s).
  • Event Manager chooses the position for each team on the battlefield.
  • Teams summon their Ironclads and confirm that they are ready. Judge gives a start to the event.
  • Battle ends when only 1 team-winner is left. Round winners will not participate in the next round. Same way will go round 2 and round 3.

To register team needs to provide:
  1. Team name.
  2. Team members names (2 players; faction of the team members doesn't matter).
  3. Comment at your choice.

  • Don't attempt to sabotage event. That is forbidden!
  • During the event only Ironclads provided by the event manager are allowed to be summoned. Other vehicles and mounts are forbidden.
  • Players are restricted to repair their Ironclads. If Ironclad is destroyed, team loose the round and receives new Ironclad from the Event Manager for the next round.
  • Players killed by the ammo will not count, only Ironclads destroyed will count.
  • PvP is forbidden (accidental kills by the ammo don't count) and to inflict damage only Ironclads can be used.
  • Audience is welcomed but keep the distance from the battlefield and don't mess up with the event participants and other players who came to watch the battle.
  • If your Ironclad is destroyed, your team leaves the battlefield for this round.
  • It's allowed to leave the driving seat or cannon if required for the actions like: healing yourself or team member, replacing a dead team-mate at a cannon.
  • If your Ironclad is stuck, it's allowed to use Rider's Escape.
  • Borders of the battlefield will be watched by the event assistants, so don't try to hide to avoid the battle.
  • It is forbidden to use any equipment or title that increases the damage from the cannons.
  • Personal buffs and buffs from the team members are allowed.
  • Food to restore health and mana is allowed.

Reward (per team member):
1st place
- 4000 credits + title "Raging"*
2nd place - 3000 credits + title "Raging"
3rd place - 2000 credits + title "Raging"

* If it's your 2nd win and you already have a "Raging" title, you'll receive a title "Tank Commander". If that is your 3rd win, you can get a "Wild" title.

Rules, location and conditions of the event may change prior the event start.
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Don't be late to register your team for the event!
Event will start on May, 8th (Fri) at 6 pm server time.


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We will need a lot more sign ups to hold this event so get your signups in please before the event start time.


Team #4

Team I Forgot My Password
Frontbutt and Manson
(Frontbutt asked me to sign up for him, he forgot his forum password)
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Team #5

Team Our Couch Pulls Out, But We Don’t 9 Inch Males
Threeve and Drcosby
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Team #6

Team: "Team Lifeboat"
Tempestuous and Ernst
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