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[Game Event] Rock'n'Scroll


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(June, 14th - June, 21st, 2022)
To start, click the Gift button in the lower left corner of your screen in game. You will receive Master Jeweler's Chest
Master Jeweler's Chest_icon.png
that will expire in 24 hours if not opened.


In the Master Jeweler's Chest you'll find:
  • Random Gem of Rank 1 (there are 6 different Gems in total)​
  • Scroll with Master Jeweler's Quests (there are 14 different quests in total)​
Use Master Jeweler's Quests
Master Jeweler's Quests_icon.png
and receive Master Jeweler's Quest Scroll
Master Jeweler's Quest Scroll_icon.png
  • Master Jeweler's Quests can't be used again until you finish the current quest or it doesn't expire.
  • Master Jeweler's Quest Scroll can't be destroyed, removed from inventory or sold. Expires in 12 hours.

If you complete a quest you receive a reward - Master Jeweler's Scroll
Master Jeweler's Scroll_icon.png
. These items are used to improve the Gem. 1 Scroll = 1 Rank.
With every new scroll gem's life time is reduced by 1 hour (resets to the rank time posted below).
  • Rank 1 - 8 hours
  • Rank 2 - 7 hours
  • Rank 3 - 6 hours
  • Rank 4 - 5 hours
  • Rank 5 - 4 hours
  • Rank 6 - 3 hours
  • Rank 7 - 2 hours
  • Rank 8 - 1 hour
  • Rank 9 - 24 hours
The gem is not stable and with each level its life time is reduced by 1 hour. If you do not improve the gem or exchange it for rewards before the expiration date, then you will be left with nothing!

Gems of any rank can be exchanged to the rewards at the Rock'n'Scroll Gift Exchanger on the Mirage Isle!

Rock'n'Scroll Gift Exchanger.png

List of rewards:

Diligent Worker's Scroll
Black Tapioca x2
Green Tapioca x2
Blue Tapioca x2
Red Tapioca x2
Phoenix Tears Tincture x5
Special Scrolls x3
Wrapped Modest Casualwear
Mini Steambike Decor
Scroll: Сruise Liner (1 day)
Ephemeral Blizzard (3 days)
Ancient's Potion x3
Magic Fountain
Stone Grail With Turret
Stone Grail
Auto-Loot Powerstone (1 day)
Model: Fish-Find Longliner
Haradium Mole Housepet
Ironscale Lizard Housepet
Hiram Statue
Haradium Distiller
Dried Magic Bean x2
Grape Soda x3
Orange Soda x3
Lemon Soda x3
Fireworks Crate
I Can Fly Token
Merchant's Favor x7
Chestnut Horse Head
White Horse Head
Seahorse Mask
30-Day Improved Cogwheel Longboard
Image Item: Shining Shore Leave Outfit
Moonlight Dancer's Pack
Rainbow Ostrich
Manastorm Crystal x1
Pirate's Token х1
Merit Badge x1
Bound Tax Certificate x5
Gilda Star x1
Loyalty Token x1
Nature Lover Token
Chainbreaker Token
Far Traveler Token
Fortune Seeker Token
Up For Adoption Token
Diamond Soul Token
Worldwalker Token
Crystal Lake Weapon Crate
Exile's Weapon Crate
Whisperwind Weapon Crate
Shaman's Weapon Crate
Calleil Priory Weapon Crate
Lacton Weapon Crate
Manastorm Crystal x3
Manastorm Crystal x5
Manastorm Crystal x7
Manastorm Crystal x10
Pirate's Token x4
Pirate's Token x7
Pirate's Token x10
Pirate's Token x15
Merit Badge x3
Merit Badge x5
Merit Badge x7
Merit Badge x10
Bound Tax Certificate x15
Bound Tax Certificate x25
Bound Tax Certificate x35
Bound Tax Certificate x50
Gilda Star x5
Gilda Star x10
Gilda Star x15
Gilda Star x20
Loyalty Token x3
Loyalty Token x5
Loyalty Token x7
Loyalty Token x10
Azazel (10 days)
Violet Bloomfang (7 days)
Emerald Imperial Griffin (7 days)​


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Crystal Lake Weapon Crate
Exile's Weapon Crate
Whisperwind Weapon Crate
Shaman's Weapon Crate
Calleil Priory Weapon Crate
Lacton Weapon Crate

Are there any pictures avaible on what these look like?


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Crystal Lake Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1152.jpg ScreenShot1153.jpg ScreenShot1154.jpg ScreenShot1155.jpg ScreenShot1156.jpg ScreenShot1157.jpg ScreenShot1158.jpg ScreenShot1159.jpg

Exile's Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1161.jpg ScreenShot1162.jpg ScreenShot1163.jpg ScreenShot1164.jpg ScreenShot1165.jpg

Whisperwind Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1167.jpg ScreenShot1168.jpg
ScreenShot1169.jpg ScreenShot1170.jpg ScreenShot1171.jpg
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Shaman's Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1174.jpg ScreenShot1175.jpg ScreenShot1176.jpg ScreenShot1177.jpg ScreenShot1178.jpg ScreenShot1179.jpg
ScreenShot1180.jpg ScreenShot1181.jpg

Calleil Priory Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1185.jpg ScreenShot1186.jpg ScreenShot1187.jpg ScreenShot1188.jpg ScreenShot1189.jpg ScreenShot1190.jpgScreenShot1191.jpg ScreenShot1192.jpg

Lacton Weapon Crate:
ScreenShot1194.jpg ScreenShot1195.jpg ScreenShot1196.jpg ScreenShot1197.jpg ScreenShot1198.jpg
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I keep getting the same gem... already got all I wanted from the ruby selection. How random is "random" in "Random Gem of Rank 1 (there are 6 different Gems in total)"?