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[Game Event] Sink To The Depths

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Sink To The Depths

July 25th 6pm.

It is time for captains of the sea's to show off their prowess as sailors with their trusty crews.
In this elimination style tournament you will test your metal against other crews seeking to name themselves top dog.

Event Information
  • The competition will consist of elimination matches until 1 crew is decided as the winner.
  • Ships are provided at the event when it is your crews time.
  • Each crew can consist of 4-6 members.
  • Crews must first apply either in the thread, Discord another method prior to the event starting. Cut off point is 5pm on the 25th.
  • When applying crews must state their team name and designated captain.
  • Teams are to rally next to their Abyssal Attack world gate outside their hero halls to be transported to the event site.
  • A match lasts for 10 minutes or when the opposing ship is destroyed. If after 10 minutes both ships are standing the win goes to the ship with the most health.
  • The ship provided to team captains is a special Enoan ship. This ship cannot receive external buffs or be repaired and lasts 30minutes.
Team Ship.PNG
  • If a team leaves the arena area it is a loss for that team. Teams are to stay within the yellow bordered area displayed below.
Event border.PNG

  • Teams will need to provide their own Steel ammo for the event
  • Ships are equipped with a special totem that makes all members on the ship immune to siege damaged.
  • The Centre of Whirlpool Isle will have a protection aura around it that provides a toughness, language and immunity to the abyssal burden debuff
  • Each team will start opposite each other on each side of the whirlpool. They may face any direction before the round begins but they must be on opposite sides for the match to begin.
  • Each round a new ship will be sent to team captains.
  • Teams can be made across different nations.

Winners Prize
The first place team will receive a prize split amongst the crew and captain.
Crew - 2500 Credits each
Captain 4000 Credits.


Grand prize. Collection breather.
Teams will need to decide which member will receive the Grand Prize

Event Rules
  • You cannot attack the opposing team except from your own ships cannon
  • You cannot leave your teams ship (Falling off is fine but you must get right back on)
  • You are allowed to ram the opposing ship. If both ships go down together the round will be run again
  • You are not allowed to spawn your own ships
  • Any attempt to sabotage another teams round will result in a temporary ban.
  • Spectators must stay on / nearby the centre island under its protection buff.
  • If your team leaves the allowed combat area you have 30 seconds to re-enter the area before a DQ.
  • Personal buffs to increase cannon damage are not allowed. Your team will be dq'd from the tournament when found
  • Teams cannot register after the cutoff point of 5pm July 25th
  • Only your designated captain will receive a ship. However said captains can swap with crew members place on a cannon during a round. They will still be considered the teams captain for receiving a ship at the start of a round and get Captains prize.
  • Keep chat clear of insults or you'll be removed from the event.
  • Event assistants may be placed on teams ships to watch for cheating.
  • If you are not at your rally point and miss being transported you'll have till your team begins to get to the Sea of Graves
Ship Loadout
  • Tsunami Figurehead - Legendary
  • Charred Bonkraal Figurehead - Legendary
  • Naval cannon X10 - Epic
  • Enoan Zephyr Double Square Rig X2 - Legendary
  • Enoan Zephyr Triple Square Rig - Legendary
  • Collection Breather
  • Special Totem
Enoan loadout.PNG
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*looks left*
*looks right*
*looks under mousepad*

Where is everyone??

Welp, guess we'll be first.....

Team Name: TentaKitties
Captain: Qisna
Crew: Kuroken, Ragequit, Kunfite, Rozylia, Num
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Team name: Cheeseballs (oh yea shoulda seen it coming)
Captain: Terai
Crew: Angeleyes, Dawnstalker, Parfait, Vron, Rageraven
(our sub is Envy)
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team name: magikarp
captain: Captainyata
crew: Bolki, Srpupii, Ignisera, Faylie, Zoco
having a backup in case someone doesnt show up is allowed? in that case it would be Dackro


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Yesterday's battle chronicles 📸




The Royal Order of WhaleBangers:
The Royal Order of WhaleBangers.jpg

Profaction Adventurers:
Profaction Adventurers.jpg


Sea Potatoes:
Sea Potatoes.jpg


And a pleasant bonus for the participants: All participants will be rewarded with a unique title "Just Sink It".
Titles will be sent after the maintenance on 7/27.
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