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[Game Event] Tasty Feed


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Tasty Feed
(June, 4th – June, 17th, 2024)

To participate in the event, pick up the Invitation by clicking the button on your screen (left bottom corner). Invitation can be obtained once per account daily.
Characters of Level 50 and higher can participate in the event.


Visit Wonderland and talk to Dairy Farmer Bibi.


First, provide Dairy Farmer Bibi with the Tasty Feed Invitation you got (i.e. get the quest “Tasty Feed”).
After it Bibi will ask you to collect and deliver her Silk Tread and Fragrant Grass. For it, she will provide you with the Dairy Cow Feed.
Dairy Cow Feed can be used at the Tasty Feed Workbench to make some feed for her Hungry Dairy Cow.


You can prepare the following feed at your choice: Strawberry, Banana, Grain, Chocolate.
For the Chocolate Feed you’ll need to get Fragrant Cacao. To get it obtain and grow a Special Cacao Sappling from Bibi.

Your Feed is ready. Now time feed the Hungry Dairy Cow and get some Milk from the cow.
Drink your milk to get a special effect.


Cow will be so happy that will drop you a tear – Dairy Cow’s Tear Drop.
And Bibi will be glad to exchange it to the special event coins - Dairy Cow’s Tear
Dairy Cow’s Tear.png

Dairy Cow’s Tear can be exchanged to various items at the Festival Gift Exchanger nearby:

• Pirate's Token
• Merit Badge
• Bound Tax Certificate x5
• Loyalty Token
• Gilda Star
• Strawberry Milk
• Banana Milk
• Grain Milk
• Chocolate Milk
• Cornucopia Cow
• Patty-Pie Cow Plushie
• Flower Cow Yata
• Dairy Cow and Panda Poster
• Soft Cow Plushie
• Cow Plushie (30 days)
• Billy the Moo (30 days)
• Wing Flapping Moomoo (30 days)
• Amiable Moomoo (30 days)
• Mooonster (30 days)
• Holiday Snow Cow Costume (30 days)
• Blooming Spring Cow Chroma (30 days)
• Cow Is Too Sleepy (30 days)
• Dairy Farmer Costume (30 days)
• Auto-Loot Powerstone Box

Our collectors will also find something interesting for themselves.
Complete event quests to obtain the achievements:
(Achievements –> ArcheRage –> Event –> Special Events)
- Milk Lover (Reward: title “Milk Lover” + Dairy Cow’s Tear x3)
- Breadwinner (Reward: title “Breadwinner” + Dairy Cow’s Tear x7)​
Don't forget to spend your Dairy Cow’s Tear coins today before they expire!