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[Game mini-event] Enjoy Thanksgiving!


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Enjoy Thanksgiving!
(November, 26th – December, 2nd, 2019)

Drop by Mirage Isle and join the celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday!

Once per day, you’ll be able to adopt Drumstick from the special Thanksgiving Commemorative Event Worker.


Event Worker will reward you with a Drumstick and 4 pieces of Cornbread Stuffing to feed your Drumstick.


Drumstick is a limited-time pet that will last for 12 hours in your inventory.
He can be summoned at any time, but can be attacked and killed like any other pet.
He can’t wear armor but starts life at level 55!​

Want to know more about your new friend for this Thanksgiving?


Your new companion possess five skills – Play Dead, Flee, Gluttonous Gobbler, Tough Turkey, and Fast Fowl.​
The first two, you’d expect out of a turkey like Drumstick. He’s happy to Play Dead (to avoid going onto a dinner table) and quick to panic once Flee is activated.​
Gluttonous Gobbler, Tough Turkey and Fast Fowl, however, require you to feed Drumstick a piece of stuffing in order to activate. These skills are extremely useful in battle, and last for an hour once activated.​
Gluttonous Gobbler offers the owner an experience and loot bonus of 20%.​
Tough Turkey offers the owner a 10% increase to all types of damage (melee, ranged, and magic), healing, and all defenses (melee, ranged, magic.)​
Fast Fowl offers the owner a movement bonus of 10% and a production time decrease of 10%.​

Happy Thanksgiving!