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[Game Mini-Event] Pumpkin Bash


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Pumpkin Bash
(October, 29th - November, 11th, 2019)

Join our Halloween mini-event and have fun bashing pumpkins in Mirage Isle.

To participate in the event visit Mirage Isle and talk to Daru. He’ll provide you with a Bashing Bloomstick and 10 Soul Stones.


Bashing Bloomstick is provided to you for 3 hours only, so don’t forget to use it during this time. But don’t worry, even if you forget, you can obtain another Bloomstick next day and use your Soul Stones from both days.​
You’ll need to use all your Soul Stones that you can receive daily during all the event time, till the end of the event.​
You have your Bloomstick and now ready to start Bashing. All over the Mirage Isle you’ll find hidden Pumpkins, bash them with the Bloomstick to find items inside.​


Each pumpkin will drop one of the following items:
Bound Hereafter Stone
Gilda Star
Abyssal Crystal
Abyssal Shard
Warrior's Medal
Honorable Victory Rank 10
Secret Gift
Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel
Merit Badge
Bound Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
Bound Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
Companion's Growthstone
Adventurer's Growthstone
Bound Weapon Regrade Scroll
Bound Armor Regrade Scroll
Bound Accessory Regrade Scroll
Full Kit: Aspen Treehouse
Bound Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
Bound Duun's Shard
Ipnysh Sunlight Blessing
Ipnysh Moonlight Blessing
Ipnysh Starlight Blessing
Erenor Lucky Scroll
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 10
Worker's Inspiration
Adventurer's XP Boost Potion
Bound Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
Bound Clear Synthium Shard
Bound Vivid Synthium Shard
Bound Duun's Blessing
Bound Lucid Synthium Shard
Bound Radiant Synthium Shard
Celestial Weapon Anchoring Emblem
Celestial Armor Anchoring Emblem
Celestial Accessory Anchoring Emblem
Divine Weapon Anchoring Emblem
Divine Armor Anchoring Emblem
Divine Accessory Anchoring Emblem
Celestial Weapon Anchoring Shard
Celestial Armor Anchoring Shard
Celestial Accessory Anchoring Shard
Divine Weapon Anchoring Shard
Divine Armor Anchoring Shard
Divine Accessory Anchoring Shard
Wrapped Serendipity Stone
Anniversary Armor Crystal
Cloaked Dungeon Weapon


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Hi, looks great!

Couple questions:

what grade is the cloaked dungeon weapon?
what is the [anniversary armor crystal]?


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Hi, looks great!

Couple questions:

what grade is the cloaked dungeon weapon?
what is the [anniversary armor crystal]?