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[Game Mini-Event] Yata or Greenman?


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Yata or Greenman?
(January, 15th - January, 30th, 2020)
Everyone loves Yatas and Greenmen, but you still love someone a little bit more? This event will help to find out the real favorites of the public!​
Every day, during the event, a player can choose one of the gifts and give it to the one who will accept it. Yatas love flowers and Greenmen love special milk.​
Following the results of the event, the Mirage Isle will host an exhibition-sale of Yatas or Greenmen costumes!

To participate in the event and voting, visit Mirage Isle and talk to the Poll Manager.


He will provide you with an Empty Milk Bottle or Wrapping Ribbon at your choice. You will need those to craft a gift for your favorite.
Go to the Freedich Island and find Magic Workbench there to craft a Gift for Yata (Handmade Rose Bouquet) or Greenman (Donation Milk).


Now you have your gift ready. Take it to Mirage Isle and give it to your favorite. Remember, Yatas love flowers and Greenmen love special milk. Once you provide a gift to your favorite, your vote will automatically count and you will receive a Voter's Certificate
. Use it within 24 hours after to obtain 500 Honor Points and 500 Vocation Badges.​
Our Commemorative Worker will also be glad to reward you for your efforts. Talk to him right after and receive a Friendship Token and a Sweet Heart.​
Sweet Heart will provide you with a useful buff and Friendship Token
can be exchanged to various rewards.​
Make sure to use them in time as some items are temporary and all such unused items will expire at the end of the event!​

Friendship Tokens can be exchanged at the Sweet Gifts Exchanger to the following:
Crest Greenman Picture​
Greenman Candy​
Broccoli Greenman Mask​
Leafpile Greenman​
Li'l Yata Cutout​
Green Rabbit-Yata Hat​
Yada Yada Yata Hat​
Black Yata Plushie​
Striped Yata Calf Pet​
Palomino Yata Calf Pet​
Black Yata Calf Pet​
Yata Calf Pet​
For the completed Daily Quests from the event, players will also receive Merit Badges

Let's find out who is the best - Yata or Greenman ;)


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Okay but how do we get little mascot yatas to roam our land like Mirage? I need a little Fae Yata and Prince Yateo roaming my house 😭
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Don't forget to spend your event coins (Friendship Token) until the end of the event or they will get expired! You still have almost 2 days to do it, until the end of 1/30.


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How do you think, who won - Yatas or Greenmen?
Victory goes to... Greenmen! Next week we'll begin an Exhibition-sale of Greenmen costumes.


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"Exhibition-sale: Greenmen!" will start on February, 5th and last until February, 15th.
Cute Yata and Greenman babies will still run around during the event.