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Getting some client-side stuttering (0.5s freezes) randomly


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Hey my pc runs Live flawlessly with no stuttering/freezes even during large raid vs raid, but sadly not the same with your ArcheRage client...

I remember having this issue on Live a couple of years back before upgrading my cpu + ssd. Ever since the upgrade it has been running flawlessly.

It is really annoying because I like to swap gliders and weapons, and the interface lag is screwing up my performance. Sometimes I stutter as I am trying to use glider boost and it doesn't even go through...

I don't see how my game is fine with the Live version yesterday, but not on your ArcheRage version today.
Please suggest any fixes !


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The Issue:
When the game loads game objects in such as trees or player houses ect. the game freezes for about half a second every half second or so while it loads them in. This could last up to about 10 seconds when you first zone into an area and then runs pretty well once it's all there until I run into a new area and new things load in the distance.

What I've tried:
Cleared cache
Reinstalled the game client
Lowered graphics and toggled to dx9
Updated my graphics drivers
Tried the game on several other desktop and laptop computers with the exact same issues every time

PC Specs:
Windows 10
32GB of RAM
GTX 1080ti (Does it on my brother's RTX 2080 as well)
970 Pro m.2 SSD

The issue happens on the other 4 computers at my house and my laptop at work. I find it very confusing that many other people say they don't have the issue yet I have installed it on about 7 computers in different locations with different internet and have had an identical experience.


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I have tried switching DirectX versions and it doesn't change, however, over time it does seem to go away mostly.
It seems there is an issue when it writes the cache files for textures. Once the cache is made though it doesn't have as much of an issue calling it.
It's very odd, every time I cleared my cache it was like starting from square one again and it slowly goes away over a few hours of play.
It's running pretty well now after the game cached all the common game objects. Or maybe I am just loosing my mind, who knows. Thanks for the help anyway Sparkle!


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my game lag and freezes when quest process like collected quest item - kill monster 0/10 when kill one 1/10 show up got lag around 0.2 sec and freezes alot of time when start doing cr gr mm