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Gifts for ArcheRagers!


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Dear ArcheRagers!​

For the 4.7 update release we prepared little gifts for each of you:
  • If you are a Returning Player (last time you were in game 30 days ago and more), participate in our Homecoming Heroes mini-event and receive various temporary and permanent items. For the details follow the [LINK]
  • If you are an Active Player (you were in game within the last 30 days prior the release), visit your Account Panel and receive your gift. More details below.​
Important! Gift can be received only once per account, so be careful in your choice of the character. Gift will not be possible to exchange or forward to another character on the account after you make a choice.​

More details about the Appreciation Gift available for the Active Players:

Requirements and other details:
1. Gift can be received only once per account. Be attentive when choosing a character for the gift!​
2. Account must be created not later than 6/16/2020.​
3. Account should have at least 1 character of level 1 and higher.​
4. Gift can be requested within 2 weeks starting from the 4.7 update release on June, 17th.​

To receive your gift visit your Account Panel → go Services → choose an ArcheRage Gift button → choose a character from the list and press a confirmation button.​

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Gift contains:
Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000 (3)​
Loyalty Token (20)​
Merit Badge (20)​
Hereafter Stone (50)​
Awaken Token (1)​
Birthday Hat (1)​
Login Badge (1)​
Heart Firework (5)​
I love ArcheRage Poster (1)​
Shark Watergun Weapon Crate (1)​
Costume (1)​
Model Car (1)​
Battle Pet (1)​
ArcheRage Plushie (1)​
Dance (1)​
Daily Gift (7 days; each day you can open 1 gift)​

Last day to request a gift – June, 30th
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