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[Guide] Exile System


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The Exile System is a system that allows players to change a faction from the current faction to another.
Players from a dominant faction can go to a weaker faction. This also applies when returning to your native faction.
Guide in English can be found below.
For the guide in Portuguese follow the LINK.

Factions involved:
  • Haranya​
  • Nuia​
  • Pirates​

Requirements to Exile
  • To ensure there is not a huge language barrier, players who wish to exile must have a minimum of 5000 proficiency (10000 from 7.0) of the target faction language.​
  • Players wishing to exile must have completed the main story quest "A secret in Sun's End"* + Race Questline: Chapter 101 (former ch 31), quest 25 "The battle of the fearless!".​
  • Players wishing to leave must have 100 previous leadership and a minimum of 8000 gearscore (10000 GS from 7.0).​
  • Faction heroes do not qualify to exile, as they must fulfill their duty to their faction.​
  • Players must be a part of the dominant faction and plan to move to a weaker faction.​
  • Players must not have an exile cooldown.​

* If you Exiled before that quest was set as a requirement and don't have it completed, but you currently need it for further progression or to return back to your home faction, please contact Sparkle in Contact Moderators or Discord for the assistance.
Exile Slots: where and when to check

In the Community --> Factions --> Faction Information tab, you can check the information on the factions and capacity currently accepting Exile.​

faction exile info_1.png
faction exile info_2.png

Information about the factions power and exile slots is reset at 0:00 on Sunday when the dominant/inferior judgment is made.

Exile NPC information

You need to interact with one of NPCs to change faction:​
  • Marianople - Gorgina - Nuia > Pirate​
  • Marianople - Berr - Nuia > Haranya​
  • Austera - Jjami - Haranya > Pirate​
  • Austera - Diguised Boram - Haranya > Nuia​
  • Growlgate Isle - Ryuchul - Pirate > Haranya​
  • Growlgate Isle - Joshua - Pirate > Nuia​
N to H.png N to P.png
H to N.png H to P.png

If you meet Exile requirements NPC will provide you with an exile quest. Complete it to receive Exile item.

Important! Exile item expires in 5 minutes if not used!

Nuian Exile item.png

You will not be able to use it if:
  • All exile slots are already taken​
  • You no longer meet the requirements​

More details
  • Once a player has exiled, they cannot exile to a different faction for 2 months.​
  • The item used to exile a player can be used when the target faction is available to accept exiles.​
  • Players from a dominant faction can go to a weaker faction. This also applies when returning to your native faction.​
  • If the faction activity gap is larger between the dominant and the weaker, more exile slots are available to be used.​
  • Faction Activity can be affected by many factors such as PVP, PVE, Territory Ownership, Gearscore and general activity.​
Any quests that are unavailable as a new faction member are automatically abandoned.​
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