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[Guide] Pirate Faction


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General Information
  • Pirates - independent faction separated from Nuia and Haranya faction.​
  • Growlgate Isle is a representative Pirate Controlled Zone. All factions can record and use Growlgate Isle as base location for teleporting through Teleport Book.​
  • Pirates are hostile to the other two factions.​
  • Pirates are hostile to NPCs in Nuia and Haranya Controlled Zones.​
  • Pirates are friendly with Guards and NPCs in Neutral Territories.​

Faction Activity
  • Pirates can accept Blue Salt Bond Quests from the Pirate Faction Support Board. (added soon in 6.2)
  • Pirate heroes can activate the pirate faction buff, the Hour of Raiders, through Faction Statue. (added soon in 6.2)
  • Pirate Faction Hour of Raiders is a buff that helps Pirates' faction activity.​

Exclusive Daily Quests for Pirates
  • Protect the Delphinad Ghost Ship!​
  • Protect Morpheus!​
  • Protect Rangora!​
  • Enjoying the Bloodfeast​
  • Raid the Purifying Archeum Lodestone​
  • Products = Rum​
  • Collecting Tax​

Other Information
  • Pirates can fight with other factions in same condition with the others, and Pirates are not affected by Wanted reinforce effect.​
  • Pirates can also be subject to Faction Trials, and sentenced penalty is the same with other factions.​
  • There are exclusive quests that only pirates can participate in.​
  • Pirates have 2 Heroes and number of heroes increase to 3 starting from 6.2 game version.​

Leaving Pirate Faction
There are 2 ways to leave Pirate Faction:
1. Exile:
  • Through Exile quest, you can join or leave from Pirate faction.​
2. Inactive Players Automatic Kick-Out:
  • For Pirates, there is a system which kicks out players who were inactive for a long period of time. At server maintenance, members of Pirate Faction who were offline for over 30 days (reduced to 14 days starting from 3/15/2022)are returned to their original faction.
    • Kick-out does not occur if you get online before the date of maintenance, even if you were offline for over 30 days.​
    • Faction change due to kick-out is applied after the maintenance.​
    • Heroes are excepted from automatic kick-out even if they were inactive for over 30 days.​
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"Original faction" in case of kick for inactivity, is intended the original character's faction, or the one from which they joined Pirate?
For example, I'm from Haranya, if I join Nuia first, and then from Nuia to Pirate, in case of kick-out I will be back to Nuia or Haranya?

Second question, inactivity is counted for character, like it was with previous system, or the whole account?


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Original faction is based on your race. So, if you are Warborn, for example, even if you then exiled to Nuia, you'll still be back to Haranya.
Second: character inactivity.