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Guide to Leveling Alchemy. . .


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So you want to level your alchemy but you don't understand how to do it the most efficient way possible, no worries. This guide will teach you step by step exactly what to do and why you're doing it.

1. Do i need land to level my alchemy?
- No you do not need land to level your alchemy, while i will say it's much easier if you do have land. It's not required for this guide.

2. Do i need buy a ton of materials for crafting potions that i will never use?
- No, you do not need to buy any Potion materials for this method to work.

3. Can i get banned for using your guide?
- No, this guide is 100% legit to use as you are using mechanics in the game that are designed for this purpose.

If anyone has any other questions after reading my Alchemy Leveling Guide - Please feel free to PM me in game (Guest is my ign) or on the forums in this article or via PM through the site. I'll try my best to be as diligent as i can be in making a return message. Thank you and i hope you enjoy my submission.

Step 1.
Find your way to the closest Archeum Workbench (refer to Archeum Workbench.jpg picture)

Step 2.
After find the workbench bring up the auction house or warehouse (if you have any there) and search for Starlight Archeum Shards or Dust.

-NOTE- Everything regarding the Starlight / Sunlight / Moonlight archeum (anything) goes towards your alchemy. Find the cheapest on the AH in either category and buy as much as you can. These items also drop regularly from coin purses as well as being salvageable from any of the weapons / armor / accessories that you may gather while hunting in the wild as well.

Step 3.
Once you've acquired a good amount of Archeum open up the workbench and break it all down to dust.

Step 4.
Once you've broken everything in your bags down to dust, open your inventory and hold SHFT + R-Click - that will trigger the dust to be converted back into shards.

Step 5.
Rinse and Repeat steps 3 to 4 until you have exhausted all of your archeum supply. Then repeate steps 1 through 5 until you have your desired Alchemy skill level.

I hope that you all found this guide to be informational and helpful.



While this does work, it's incredibly expensive (At this moment).
It will become much MUCH cheaper when Archeum trees are safely harvestable (Once castles have been built)


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I agree with JermEx. This is hella expensive right now. Before the DS bases needed building, Starlight archeum was the sacrifice to this. It was cheap and no one really cared. With the dust being so important for base upgrade packs, there is much higher demand to keep/charge higher for it. It wont go down until castles arrive.

I would argue that saving enough money for a greenman pet and getting the accessory that boosts your alchemy to +7500 (like $5 if you buy credits), plus the hero statue buff of +500 to all profs, and then do the alchemy quest for the base alchemy prof gear will get you over 10k. If you skip of some areas of boosts, then you need to shell out for some type of stabilizer and make lots of oils.

Alchemy has never been cheap to start but can bring lots of money once you get over the hump.


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QUESTION: Doesn't breaking down into dust actually lose you 1 dust per run? So 5 dust to get to a shard, if you break back down into dust, don't you only get 4 back? At least, that's what I remember...


QUESTION: Doesn't breaking down into dust actually lose you 1 dust per run? So 5 dust to get to a shard, if you break back down into dust, don't you only get 4 back? At least, that's what I remember...
Yeah, thats why it costs you money, but it's the easiest way to lv alchemy. (It only requires a giant stack of one material which you break and reassemble over and over.)


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Charcoal Price is Increasing steadily at the moment. What I'm doing was, farming auroria / Library, salvage the green gears I get, Yo u will get Shards and Crystals also from coin purses. Takes time but its a lot cheaper.


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Lunarite trick was better in the begining. Lunarite is cheaper and you can generate large packs of lunarites in other alchemy recipe. Starlight dust is 1 gold+, crystal is 16-18 golds now. That is not viable. Or you can buy materials and craft potions in alchemy house. That is more labor and you don't need proficiency to craft "high-end" potions. Farm is good because 1-2 materials have limited offers in many times, but you don't need man ylarge lands. Aquafarm or bungalow is good for alchemy too.