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Homecoming Heroes (mini-event for returning players)


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Dear ArcheRagers!​

Due to the release of the 4.0 Global Update with Custom changes our returning players that were not in game for the last 60 days or more prior the 4.0 release can receive a Homecoming Hero gift from ArcheRage and by completing custom tasks in game receive additional bonuses.​

The requirements:
- Didn’t login the game for 60 days or more prior 4.0 release.​
- Have at least one character of level 55+ on the account.​

Important! Gift can be received only once per account, so be careful in your choice of the character. Gift will not be possible to exchange or forward to another character on the account after you make a choice.​

To receive a Homecoming Hero Gift you need to:
Visit your Account Panel → go Services → choose an Appreciation Gift button → choose a character from the list and press a confirmation button.​
account panel.png

From this Gift returning player will receive:
• Gilda Star (200)​
• Merit Badge (100)​
• Loyalty Token (100)​
• Wrapped Cryptic Lucky Scroll (5)​
• Divine Gear Bundle (8 pieces for 7 days)​
• Gazebo Farm Design (1)​
• Lavaspark (10 days)​
• Scroll: Merchant Schooner (7 days)​
• Scroll: Farm Hauler (7 days)​
• Thunder Dash (10 days)​
• Homecoming Warrior Effect (14 days)​

Homecoming Warrior Effect.jpg

This effect grants useful effect for 14 days and allows you to accept Homecoming Warrior quests in Mirage Isle ArcheRage Embassy.​
Quest can be completed once in 12 hours. The total number of quests – 14.​

In the process of completing various tasks, you can get a permanent random costume, glider, mount, lunagems, temporary unique steambike and many other useful items!

Event will last until December, 30th
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Appreciation Gifts are temporary disabled as some players have issues with receiving them. They will be available for request soon again.


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Appreciation Gifts are now available. If you haven't received it yet, visit your Account Panel and request the one.