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Honor points and Vocation badges


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Honor points and Vocation badges
You may have seen if you open your character sheet Honor points and vocation badges
But what are they?
They are both effectively a form of unique currency like gold or gilda stars are.

Honor points:
Honor points are a reward for combat based activities. They can come from just fighting other hostile players inside of conflict zones, participating in events that take place in combat areas or participating in arenas.
  • When fighting hostile players only in combat/war state regions will you be able to gain honor. Tension levels 1 through 5 do not give honor.
  • Events give honor through the quests they offer. There are many types of events
    • Crimson Rift
    • Grimghast rift
    • Mistmerrow
    • Halcyona War
    • Whalesong siege
    • Aegis Island seal defence
  • Arenas grant honor for winning or losing. However winning will grant more honor that losing. Arena's have quests which allow for more honor gain than just from the arena them self. These arenas are
    • Sparring Arena (1v1) Balanced Gear
    • Skirmish Arena (3v3) Balanced Gear
    • Gladiator Arena (1v1) Using your own gear
    • Drill Camp Arena (5v5) Using your own gear
    • Free-For-All-Arena (12) Using your own gear
    • Violent Maelstrom Arena (6v6) Balanced gear

Vocation badges
Vocation badges are a reward for activities revolving around utilising labor and farming based activities. Easier to obtain than Honor points. However are restricted by how much you can earn per day.
  • Merit quests. Each day you are given a new set of merit quests. Merit quests that are completed through the use of labor reward Vocation badges as a reward
  • Every day the Priestess of Nui will offer 3 quests for you to complete. These are simple quests that simply require collecting basic items
    • The first simply requires you to speak with the Priestess and rewards 1000 Vocation.
    • The second requires you to deliver 10 stone brick to the Priestess and rewards another 1000 Vocation
    • The third quests requires you to deliver 100 Lilies to the Priestess. This rewards 2200 Vocation
  • Family quests. Every day you are able to collect 3 family quests from the All in the Family tab. This requires being in a family with at least 1 other player.
  • Residential quests. When you own a house inside a zone with a community centre that community centre will offer quests every day that when completed reward vocation badges upon completion.

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