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How to Donate


I'm tired of credits being so expensive and people asking how to donate, so here you go.
  • Go to https://www.offgamers.com/
  • In the search bar, type "MINT Prepaid Card", select the Global option.
  • Purchase the amount you wish to donate.
  • After your purchase is complete, find your order by clicking 'View Orders' under the account menu found by clicking the icon in the top right, click the order number in blue, then click 'Show Code 1' under the Game Code section.

  • Go to https://pixelgamecard.com/
  • Create an account if you do not already have one, then login.
  • From the navigation menu, click 'Purchase'.
  • Click 'Paymentwall'. You'll see a line of buttons, select the 'MINT' button. Select the amount you purchased previously from Offgamers.com and click 'Buy'. Enter the code you were given, and click 'Buy'.
  • After this purchase is complete, click 'Account' from the navigation menu, then 'View Code' from the most recent purchase.

  • Go to https://www.archex.su/
  • From the drop-down at the center top of the page, select your preferred language to translate the page. Register if you do not already have an account here, then login.
    (Note: The captcha here is kinda weird, just enter the number that's spelled out. Sometimes it's buggy and gives you a 3 digit number or one that can't be typed out as 4 digits, just refresh if that's the case.)
  • Once logged in, click the big bright "Create Exchange" button.
  • Enter the code you were given from pixelgamecard.com, enter the captcha again, then click 'Create Exchange'.
    (Note: This transaction will take a little while. I've had it range from 15-30 minutes, usually. Be patient and check back periodically.)
  • Once the transaction is complete, you'll see that the Result column on the Profile page has changed to 'Successfully'. Click that, and copy the code there.

  • Go to na.archerage.to.
  • Login to your account, click Donate, enter the code here, enter your account details, and you're finally finished.

    Good luck, and enjoy!