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Internet through 4G LTE cellphone. Disconnect always when choosing server.


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I only have LTE connection, and it works well enough for me in other games (no problems in MOBAs or other mmo's, with one exception being Atlas Reactor(TRION game as well)), but there seems to be a problem with this kind of connection and this server.

Is there any way to repair this?

I tried reinstalling both from torrent and from client side installer, tried repairs, and it only helped once, after installing a fresh one from torrent, but only once, then the problem was the same again.

I tried uninstalling all the folders that are created each gaming session both in documents and in C: drive, but no luck.

Maybe there's a possibility to take some extra protection off my account just so I can login?
I remember years ago TRION did it for me with Atlas Reactor, because I couldn't log in there either, but after that it worked for me.

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You're disconnecting because your connection is not connecting and staying connected. Its cutting out and the games response is to DC you entirely


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Check with your provider. I have heard of other phone users getting disconnects and they found out that the provider would disconnect them when data usage went up.