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Hey guys Ive been experimenting with healer builds and the one build I "used" to see was Justicar's back at launch. But not any now. Is this healer build not any good anymore? Its fun to play and kinda my style as a front line healer using Vita/occult/defense. If anyone is familiar plz give me some incite on this build.


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Hi, and welcome o/

If healers use occultism, I believe they mostly run shadowplay, auramancy, or songcraft instead of defense.

For example, a combo with shadowplay is an instant cast antithesis or mend with dropback, mend being the better option in combination with occultism. Also, there's a combo for no cd on antithesis with freerunner up.

Make sure to read the combo info in the tooltip for each skill, that should help you out with deciding which class to go for.


It is viable in the sense that you can be successful with justicar, it isn't some combo of 3 trees which have no synergy, but I wouldn't call it optimal or meta at all.
There's a few kind of cheesy applications of justicar, for example like imprisoning yourself and then spamming mend with pain harvest active.

To put it kinda simply, other classes just do things better.
Unfortunately justicar lacks mobility outside of mana barrier and shadowstep, so you'll have to rely on gliders or mounts a lot.

For 'frontline' style classes, people nowadays typically opt to take auramancy which can provide several CC immunities/breaks (courageous/shrug), mobility (teleport, comets boon), and survivability (thwart, wings, health lift, conversion shield).

I'd recommend switching it up a little and trying either edgewalker (vit/aura/occ) or heirophant (vit/aura/witch), both could be good options for you.