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Launcher "Launch Error

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Launch Error
An annoying error that catches you entirely by surprise
Here is how to make it no longer give such an error

What do I do?
First you will need to check that all of your games files are there to begin with.
You need to look in your games install folder and the bin32 folder inside of the game folder and make sure these files are there. These are the files normally removed by an Anti virus when trying to launch the game.
If you are missing any of these go further down to "I am missing files" section

  • Launcher.exe
  • Archeage.exe
  • game_pak
If all 3 of these files are there you need to open your anti-virus settings. If you have no third party anti-virus installed you are using windows defender.
From there you need to create 3 exceptions for the game. These are:

  • The games installation folder
  • Launcher.exe
  • Archeage.exe

This shows what the exceptions should look like inside of Windows Defender.
After the exceptions are made make sure they are saved. Restart your pc, then open the launcher as Admin. If "Launch error" is still there you have either not set the exclusions correctly or are missing game files. In which case move to "I am missing files"

I am missing files? What should I do?
  1. Close the launcher if you have it open
  2. Open your Anti-Virus settings quarantine list. Your removed file may be there where you can return it. It may not always be there as some anti-viruses will simply erase the file entirely.
  3. Open your Anti-Virus exclusion list. You may need to look up how to do it for your anti-virus if you are not sure.
  4. Add 2 exceptions to the exclusion list
    1. Archeage.exe
    2. The entire game folder ArcheRage.to NA
  5. Save the exclusions. Restart your pc
  6. Open the launcher as Admin. Do a repair and it should now download any lost files.
If your game still is giving launch error you have missed a step or incorrectly set the game exclusions
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