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Library/Ipnysh gear exp nerf

Exp nerf for library/ipnysh gear.

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Since erenor and hiram have been xp nerf which means that is easier to level up, i think it would be fair that library/ipnysh gear also received a xp nerf, the gear its already hard to level up in high grades legendary to mythic and mythic to eternal, besides their infusions its not something that you can farm like radiant hiram infusions and garden have no benefit to the library gear, you are gatekeep by events and dungeons resets per day, while if you go the hiram route you can just pay someone to farm 400 infusions for you in 1h.

And that's without taking in consideration that leveling up library gear requires a huge amount of gold.


would be better if the sanctuary shards and success rate for t3 were increased, most of the people in live t3 their lib set via xmass event rather than doing the dungeon.
The dungeon by itself is a gear check compared to hiram when everybody can just afk in raid while everyone else do the quest for them or fish on garden and get chance to awaken with no exaggerated gear requirement plus the time that consumes to do the whole dungeon
After talking with different players about the change that is being requested, i want to be more specific:

  1. Reduce XP required for library gear, it has been already applied to hiram and erenor, t1-t2-t3 library has no changes at all, currently tier up a piece t1 library from mythic to eternal is 20-25k per piece, without taking in consideration that when you awake a piece it will go down to the previous grade so its another 25k gold.
  2. Increase the amount of warden's manashard that are dropped by the bosses, the average you get per run without doing last boss is 15-18 so in 3 runs if you get lucky you will be able to make 1 warden's manacore so 3 days are needed to try to awake 1 piece.
Making library/ipnysh gear is more gold and time demanding than hiram gear while you can join a reset raid and afk the whole raid and still get the same compensation as everyone else to try to awake your pieces, library/ipnysh gear doesn't have that chance, you can't afk your way into ipnysh so it is only fair to received any kind of buff for those who are trying to grind for a gear like this.
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The difference of the gold is insane, basically a x3
also we have to consider that 1Hs reqs more EXP than Gloves...


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