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List of Ways to Obtain Warriors Medals


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Edited/appended this list to answer someone's question and they asked for me to place it here as well. So here's a list of all ways to get Warrior Medals:

Hero Call
  • 1 warrior medal(WM) given per accepted hero call


  • 1 WM for entrance quest
  • 2 WM for 0/100 tower quest
  • 4 WM if lose -or- 8 WM if win
Total of 7-11 WM per event. Can be done 3 times per day.

Kadum -
(after Mistmerrow)
  • 2 WM for 0/100 gate quest
  • 5 WM for killing Kadum
Total of 7 WM. Can be completed once a day.

Halcyona Battle
(aka golden plains)
  • 1 WM for entrance quest
  • 2 WM for 0/10 enemies quest
  • 5 WM for interacting with enemy's base's relic if won
Total of 8 Warrior Medals. Can be done 2 times a day.

Hero Hall Board Quest (Marionople/Austera)
  • 5 WM to deliver a stack of materials (random each day; stone, lumber, fabric, etc.)
Can be done once a day.

Merit Quest Reward Boxes

They have a chance to drop in the box you get for reaching the 5 and 7 merit quest completions in a single day
  • 5-10 WM per open when you do roll WM

Daily reward Tracker

Certain days on the tracker will usually have WMs

Miscellaneous Ways

Sometimes they will be one of the rewards in event/festival giftboxes or redeemable by trading tokens and so forth. Not sure if this current festival does.


Thats 42 WM per day if you do every event and lose, 59 WM if you did every event and won them all.

Partially Sourced From: https://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/comments/5nbhdx/daily_warrior_medals/

Edit: Removed portion saying "(as of today, there are no heroes yet)" as we have heroes now
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