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new to the game .....:)


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hi im new to the game

i play as elf paladin lvl 53 how to i get lvl 50 gear

i complete the Blue-Salt qust and i get farm 8x8 where to place the farm and how ????


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Since you're new and over 52 I suggest you get the support pack that gives you gear amongst other things, how to here: https://na.archerage.to/forums/threads/support-pack-for-new-players.8404/
Since it's a 8x8 there should be plenty of places you can, just look for an area you find covenient and right click it which would show you the area the farm needs, the boundary of the housing area and what other farms/houses are using, you'll also need some tax certificates and a lumber pack to build it.


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Hi, as a new player you should definitely check out the FAQ - there's a good list of guides at the bottom.

There's a bunch of stuff to help you get started, and in-depth guides about certain topics.

Try find a guild to join, either by using the recruitment tab when you hit shift+T, or in the discord channel #searching-for-a-guild. It is easier to find people who can help you out that way.

Best of luck and have fun!