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Obsidian Conversion not possible


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So I had set of obsidian from long time ago that I was using till now. Those are according to old tier list T4 and according to new tier list they are between T1 (old T3) and T2 (old T5).
So they do have description saying that Hiram conversion rune should work on them but unfortunately conversion rune does not highlight them at all.
I would assume that during changes to obsidian conversion this level may have been omitted and excluded from conversion by accident.

Please give us possibility to convert it, even if it would mean to convert it at the rate of T1 it would be better than being stuck with a paperweight.


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Original t1,t2 and t4 obsidian do not have any conversion.
Those items were removed with 4.5 and so were not given conversions


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Going by description it is safe to assume that originally they should be categorised as new T1, seeing as they cannot be change to Erenor infusions, but are missing mapping. This may be bug from original release that has not been caught.
The question is can you make a hotfix or can I only throw them into a bin and start over? It is a bit disheartening and I know I am not the only one that has been impacted by this.


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So the intention here is to punish people that had not gather enough money/resources to upgrade their T4 to T5. They are punished because they managed to upgrade T3 to T4 before 4.5. Even if it working as designed, the design is flawed and should be fixed.

And if we go with the route that this won't be fixed proper way there is still a bug. The bug in this case is description on the obsidian items, that misinform that you can use conversion rune to obtain infusions, so it should be removed.


I sadly understand why original T1 obsidian does not provide infusions. However, original T4 certainly surpassed the acceptable conversion versions. Why are you not just giving the T3 credit to these old T4 pieces?

This is an example where a custom server can do the right thing for its small base.


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Thanks for support!
If there are more people having this issue lets point them to this topic.
Let the voice of people be heard!

At least for me and my wife this is disappointing as we hoped to respec and catch up a bit using those infusions on Hiram we looted before patch. Right now basically we are at the level of new players and we are punished for upgrading T3 to T4.