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ranged rogue


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On live they revamped the entire buff system for balanced arenas at some point, though that didn't really change the imbalance.. there people would just pick plate healer for example.

So yea I do agree that it's rather imbalanced atm but I'm not sure if it won't end up being imbalanced another way instead when it gets fixed..
Arena isn't really balanced, just focus one, put all your cc and, with some luck, you are a darkrunner so easy to kill 80% of other players... (well, at least for 3c3)

Arena buffs should be totally remodel.


In the very least though, it can be indubitably said that its an abuse of the sparring arena framework if melee classes like DR are running with a Ranged Rogue buff to get an undue advantage.

If a "skillset check" is implemented so that the sparring arena can limit the choice of a Ranged Rogue buff only to players with Archery skillset in their build (Primeval, Ebonsong, Stone Arrow, Druid, Ranger, etc.), then I think it'll resolve this abuse issue with minimal changes. No need to tamper with the Ranged Rogue buffs while still putting an end to the abuse.