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Saga (West Guild) is looking for members.


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Saga is looking for active players who enjoy working together and know what being part of a guild is really all about.
Healers and Tanks needed! Discord chatter boxes welcomed!
- Gold making capabilities.
- Guild pack houses set in easy access fast run areas.
- Supportive and helpful guild members.
- Experienced leadership.
- Guild give a ways and events
- Mixed NA/EU members.
- PvX guild (we dabble a little)
- New player friendly
- PLENTY of guilded land
- Much, much more!

- Must be a Westy (Nuian, Elf, Dwarf)
- Must be your main character. No alts.
- Must speak and understand English.
- Must be willing to use discord.
- Purpling for profit is not permitted.
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