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Scarecrow quest


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I was wondering what I'm doing wrong.

I would like to recieve a Scarecrow design, which is awarded after completing a Blue Salt Brotherhood questline.
I'm from the East Faction, Harrani.

I thought it was at Tigerspine Mountains but no luck there, tried Austra in Solis Headlands and again, no luck.
Started doing those green quests but they've send me in Mahadevi already so I got the feeling it wont give me my Scarecrow.

What am I missing out, what should I try?


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As of 4.0, the Bluesalt questline starts in Solisa, Halcyona. It includes a lot more than just the 8x8 scarecrow (edit: and it starts at level 30).

After you pick up the first quest, you'll receive the 8x8 when the questline brings you to the Halcyona community center. After that, you definitely should continue for some free alchemy prof, farm cart design, and more c:

ooo and btw, seeing as you are East, there's a worldgate to Halcyona in Caernord, Ynystere.

Good luck!