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Server restart 7 am 12/26

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Server restart at 7 am 12/26!

Dear ArcheRagers!​
Server will be off for restart on 12/26 at 7 am. That is minor updates and bugs fixes restart.​
  • Freighters and Haulers can now support Music Discs, so opportunity to not only listen to the music, but also change it, is now added for the following:
    • Farm Freighter​
    • Farm Hauler​
    • Red Farm Hauler​
    • Red Farm Freighter​
    • Rudolph Hauler​
    • Red Rudolph Hauler​
    • Red Rudolph Farm Freighter​
    • Yuletide Hauler​
    • Yuletide Farm Freighter​
  • Several Music Discs with the Basic music available in game for various vehicles is added to the marketplace, so you can now switch discs and start your collection.​
  • "Music Disc: Games" is now available not only for the Steambikes, but can now be obtained for any other vehicle supporting Misic Discs.​
  • New Music Disc with the Christmas and New Year music is added as well - “Music Disc: Happy New Year”.​
  • Fixed a bug with the "Scroll: Yuletide Farm Freighter" that was coming from the "Christmas Hauler Box" bound. Freighters already received from the box this week and became bound, though remained unused by the player, will become wrapped and all further Freighters dropping from the box will be wrapped.​
  • Fixed item "Snowball" that can be obtained during the Winter Maiden Festival. Item's icon will no longer become gray when player tries to use snowball.​
Duration time - 40 minutes.​
We apologize for the inconveniences!​
Not open for further replies.