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Server updates 1/21: Bug fixes!

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.​
To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 1/21 at 7 am.​
Duration time - 40 minutes.​
List of updates:
  • Added an option to equip Music Discs in new Chroma vehicles: Freighters, Haulers, Roadsters, etc.​
  • Resident Boards returned to the Community Centers.​
  • Luna Charms crafts rank 4 and 5 are enabled.​
  • Auroria housing zone issues are fixed.​
  • Fixed Thunderwing Titan summon horns and towers.​
  • Fixed mounts armor visual bug.​
  • Corrected Poisoned Weapons skill description.​
  • Corrected Deadly Refrain skill description.​
  • Extraction Alembic is returned back as costumes extraction item.​
  • Removed outdated lunarite drop from Prince's, Queen's and Ancestor's Coinpurses. Added Superior Glow Lunarite and Fine Glow Lunarite instead.​
  • Fixed Marathon quest Point 6. Marathon is extended for a day more.​
  • Fixed a bug when Prince Riesig the Accursed didn’t count towards the Hero Mission.​
  • Fixed Greater Sharpwind Mines issues.​
  • Fixed Mistmerrow portals from the capitals.​
  • Commemorative Event Workers returned to Mirage Isle.​
  • Quest NPCs missing in the game world returned to their places.​
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