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Server updates 1/26: Hero Missions, Golden Plains Battle notifications, DGS changes and bugs fixes!

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.​
To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 1/26 at 7 am.​
Duration time - 40 minutes.​
List of updates:
  • Hero Missions changes:
    • Removed Naval Support from the hero missions.​
    • Abyssal Kraken moved to Faction Support hero mission.

  • Golden Plains Battle notifications changes:
    • Permanent notification window players see at the top of their screen now required to be closed just once when game is started. It will also be closed automatically if player teleports to Mirage Isle, arenas or dungeons. Notification window will appear again only if game client is restarted.​
    • Added 2 daily auto-notifications encouraging players to start queuing for Golden Plains Battle arena. Players will see them at 2 pm and 10 pm (Monday-Friday) & 12:30 and 00:30 (Saturday-Sunday).

  • Other updates:
    • Gift option is disabled for free marketplace items.​
    • Changed Delphinad Ghost Ships work: 2 DGSs will now spawn at 8:15 pm server time daily.
  • Bugs fixes:
    • Fixed the bug that prevented pirates from completing their defense quest for DGS, Morpheus and Rangora.​
    • Fixed Mutated Giant Wolf spawn bug.​
    • Fixed Thunderwing Titan bug that prevented players from upgrading the wings and as a result killing Titan.​
    • Fixed Marcala terrain bug.​
    • Blue Salt Supply Demand quests for Blue Salt Bonds are now available at Resident boards.​
    • Fixed English and French game client bug that prevented players from seeing text in Chinese. Instead they could see only empty boxes.​
    • Removed duplicate NPCs from the game.​
    • Fixed Marathon quest Level 2. Marathon is extended for another day.​
    • Rookborne Festival Bard is removed from the game.​
    • Fixed Free-For-All arena bug.​
    • Signposts previously missing returned back to the game world.​
    • Dominion History now displays guilds names correctly.​
    • Fixed a bug preventing to equip Music Discs on new Chroma vehicles.​
    • The Merchant's Day NPC will again start visiting Austera on Saturdays.​
    • Corrected a visual bug with some NPCs in WHM that had no cloth.​
    • Fixed quest Closing the Gate.​
    • Fixed quest Baht's Final Gift.​
    • Fixed quest Sloane's Secret.​
    • Fixed quest A Shocking Truth.​
    • Fixed quest The Leviathan's Essence.

  • Marketplace update:
    • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
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