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Server updates 3/24: Dragons Festival start, new Heroes on the Alley, Golden Saving Pendant is introduced and more!

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.​

To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 3/24 at 7 am.​
Duration time - 1 hour.​

List of updates:
  • Start of the Dragons Festival [LINK]:​
    • new daily quests added;​
    • some of the old quests changed, previous possible bugs fixed;​
    • updated festival coin icon;​
    • new items are added to the Festival Exchanger:
      • new custom titles for different game classes: Dragonknight, Dragonologist, Dragon Expert, Dragoon.​
      • new custom powerstone pets: Red Dragon Wisp, Orange Dragon Wisp, Blue Dragon Wisp.​
      • new dragon decor added: Red Dragon Live Figurine, Black Dragon Live Figurine, Green Dragon Live Figurine, Small Golden Dragon Statue.​
      • 6 Dragon Ruler’s weapon images: Bow, Sword, Longspear, Shield, Staff, Greataxe.​
      • cloak Red Dragon’s Wings.​
      • Pirate’s Token (can be exchanged for Rangora’s or Pirate Plusie Trove at the Festival Gift Exchanger on Mirage Isle).​
  • New Heroes Statues can be found on the Heroes Alley [LINK] for Iplayplate and Murdock. List of the Heroes that may join our Heroes Alley very soon is updated and can be found HERE.​
  • New custom item - Golden Saving Pendant, is added to the game. It's the improved version of the Skillsaver Pendant and will allow players to open 4th, 5th and 6th skillsaver cell to save the current skillset. To obtain visit Marketplace → Main → All.​
  • Drop rate of Glorious Evenglow Lunagem: Nightmares, Glorious Evenglow Lunagem: Stasis and Glorious Evenglow Lunagem: Movement is increased more than 2 times from Morpheus, Rangora, Anthalon, Hanure, Meina and Glenn.​
  • Librarian's Research Bundle, Scholar's Research Bundle, Dean's Research Bundle drop rate increased and returned back to 4.0 version level.​
  • Chinese language localization added.​
  • Now player can see not only their fps in game but ping as well. New option is added to "View Frame Rate" line. Go Options --> Game Info --> View Frame Rate and Ping.​
  • Made some changes to arenas that may fix arena bug players are experiencing recently, when sometimes after accepting arena player isn't ported in. Inform me if bug still occurs after.​
  • Improved continuous use of skills with low cooldown work for high ping users, like, for example, Endless Arrows.
  • Changed "Fury" buff icon.​
  • Fixed a bug with Fashions Fade; Style is Forever Token. It can now be used to obtain a "Fashions Fade; Style is Forever Token" title.​
  • Fixed "Labor Reward: 500" item description bug; correct cooldown is 3 hours.​
  • Fixed Watcher of the Ruins quests 1-4 bug that resulted into duplicated honor reward provided for the quests.​
  • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
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Some clarification about the ping you can now see in game:
Ping you can now see in game is not the regular ping as you used to think about it, but the ping with the correction for the client processing time, so it may change depending on you being in empty or populated locations in game. This ping is also an average for the last 30 seconds, so don't expect for it to change right away even if you move from populated to empty location as it will require some time for recalculation.​


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the ping of the game is much better than before. the updates have greatly improved the gameplay, as my friends and I just came back because of the ping. I hope it stays that way.
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