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Server updates 7/27: Rum Runner Rapids festival start and other updates!


Staff member
Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you​
To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 7/27 at 7 am.​
Duration time - 40 minutes.​
List of updates:
  • Start of the Rum Runner Rapids festival [LINK]
  • Fishing Rods can now be added to the Gear Chest.​
  • The following items can now be added to the Traveler Necessities Chest: Daru Warrior's Boost, Daru Mage's Boost, Labor Reward: 1000, Wild Ginseng, Bound Vocation Hastener Scroll and Diligent Worker's Scroll.​
  • Reduced the collision from the new plants decor added to the game last week. Now they are limited only by the textures.​
  • Fixed ships rendering bug.​
  • Added a special pillow base to the Elven Forest Huts. Now they don't hang in the air above the ground and can be placed on more uneven surfaces.​
  • Corrected Beast Figurehead: Eternal buff description. Added the line about ship's health restoration.​
  • In-game boutique updated [LINK]