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Server updates 7 AM 11/23: Gweonid Lantern Festival, Thanksgiving mini-event and more!


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Server restart at 7 am 11/23!

Dear ArcheRagers!
Server will be off for restart on 11/23 at 7 AM. This is a server restart focused on adding events and fixing some 6.1 bugs.
  • Gweonid Lantern Festival: November 23 - Dec 7 [LINK]
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving Mini-Event: November 23 - November 30 [LINK]
  • An issue with guild permission settings has been fixed.
  • The following custom items no longer get destroyed: 100-Slot Infusions Chest, Pet Collector's Trunk, Traveler Necessities Chest, Gear Chest.
  • The Auroria Cartographer achievement no longer requires the Mistmerrow Cartographer achievement.
  • Strada: Adjusted the description of some skills.
  • Strada is now able to use music discs.
  • A new music disc has been added to the Marketplace. All current Strada owners will receive it for free.
  • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
  • Loyalty Shop changes [LINK]
  • Merit Shop changes [LINK]
The estimated time for the maintenance to be finished is 40 minutes.
We apologize for the inconvenience!


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Additional note: Timed items aren't intentional and they've been fixed. Please update the game and relog for a fix.