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Skullknight help


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So I've been playing abolisher with the support pack and want to gear myself to reroll as skullknight but I got no idea what gear or build to use.

Should I go for a stamina hiram plate while craft at least an ayanad scepter? also some parts of the hiram plate don't seem so straight foward to me(waist and sleeve).
As for the build itself what I go for? also what would I use to pve? some mage build? would I need a second set for that?


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My advice for current patch SK armor:

hood: corrupted kyrios
shirt: hiram stamina
sash: corrupted kyrios
sleeves: shadow warrior's shadows
gloves: corrupted kyrios
pants: hiram stamina
shoes: corrupted kyrios

Before the hiram patches, the best was Ayanad Earth shirt/pants, for the stamina too. You get the extra annoying aoe from the Anthalon gear, and you stack your health with the rest.

Anth gear will be synthesisable, so definitely worth getting.


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I use the Kyrios pieces in the same setup listed above just beware the Kyrios pieces are kinda on the squishy side. If you are just starting out I would suggest going full plate hiram stam/resil/magic defense% and stam/tough/healing%(waist/sleeve) mostly to prep for next patch.

For weapon go for the burning pledge for pvp that 4% damage reduction is amazing.

Personally for pve I just go blade dancer.. Because they are like playing on easy mode.