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I've been trying to install this on and off for a week.

At first, I attempted the direct download and the game would constantly get stuck at around 10%- uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Finally tried file repair, and it seemed like it worked, but it would get to the splash screen and immediately freeze my entire PC and force a reboot. Uninstall again and try the torrent download. Failed that like 3 times and finally it actually downloads. Now, the game is downloaded in its entirety, but the launcher is taking 8 years to check for files. Is this normal? I'm about to rip out every hair on my head. It's not even 10% of the way checked and its been going for well over an hour. I've tried restarting that process and still, takes forever.

I'm frustrated, couldn't even use my older account bc it somehow got nuked within the past 3 days (I did previously manage to login when I initially was trying to download).

I shouldn't be having all of these issues just trying to download and install :(

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do I just need to wait 8 years for it to check every single file known to mankind?