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Technical server restart at 4 pm 12/4!

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Technical server restart at 4 pm 12/4!

Dear ArcheRagers!​
Server will be off for restart on 12/4 at 4 pm. This is a Technical restart meant to fix a list of bugs that occurred during the recent database update.​

List of changes:
  • Heroes are now properly displayed in game.​
  • Owners can again see and access their Gold Adventurer's Storage Chest.​
  • Corrected a tax for selling credits on the Auction from 5% to 1%.​
  • Farmer Merchant's Cushion items list was corrected. Items listed for vocation badges were removed from it.​
  • Memory Ember time corrected from 22 hours to 72 hours.​
  • Royal Seeds drop rate from Bundles was fixed.​
  • Drumstick that were automatically unwrapped by the server will become wrapped again.​
  • Wrapped Demon's Kiss costumes not used before can now be sold on the Auction.​
  • Labor Reward: 500 can now be listed on the Auction.​
  • Items from the event Nui’s Chosen are removed from the quests drop list.​
  • Items stacking was fixed, and some more items are added to the items with increased stacking list.​
  • Fixed a drop list for Morpheus.​

Approx duration time - 30 minutes.​
We apologize for the inconveniences!​

P.S. If you notice any other bugs that occurred after today's server update but were not mentioned here, feel free to PM me in Discord or report the issue on forums and we'll make sure to check them and correct with the next server update.
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