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The implementation of our server

Hello, I created this topic because most likely people do not have time to finish reading what I suggested in other topics created for suggestions and ideas.

1. Remove player nations:
1.1 Removing PN will lead to a balance of west and east
1.2 This will lead to past good pvp battles on M.M and Halcyona war
1.3 All sought to join precisely in PN, because it was very profitable. The stronger PN, the less players can resist them. This led to a freefarm, as well as a reluctance to play soon without an adversary. Because of what, online falls on server.
1.4 If administration removes PN, many will disperse to other guilds and the battle for bosses will be better than before.
1.5 The developers of this game itself recently came to this decision; therefore, PN was removed from the game from version 5.0, after which it increased online on all live servers, but many believed that many players would leave the game because of this developers decision. I think our administration should take a chance and follow the same decision.

2. Daily sieges:
The idea is to make daily sieges, but not of those castles that are on the Auroria, but to create new castles in 6 pvp locations, not counting the Karkase Ridgelands(no one has been running around and farming mobs there for a long time). There are a lot of big empty places in these locations. It is necessary to transfer all mechanics of siege to pvp locations, mainly fact that no one can penetrate zone during siege. Protect this area with a fence so that not a single freighter or car can get there, this is done for the safety of those who transport packs. The castle will not need to be built, it will already be ready, you just need to submit a registration application for participation, it can be from 2 to 3 guilds, i.e. all in all there will be 1 castle and 3 bases for the resurrection of players (players themselves will choose a place for their base). If 1 guild captured the castle, then in a week from 1 to 3 guilds will be able to take part in the siege (2-4 together with those who captured the castle). At the base of the players there will also be a crystal that they will have to defend against other players, those who captured the castle will not be able to attack the crystal of the attackers, they must hold out for a certain amount of time to win. The siege time is 2 hours. For capturing castle, players will receive a certain amount of Lord coins and gold, number of Lord coins and gold will be determined by administration itself. The invaders will not receive taxes from settlements or farm mobs, guild master will receive only Lord coins and gold by mail for capture or protection of his castle. Those who already have a castle will not be able to participate in siege. This also applies to those castles that are on Auroria. Pirates will also not be able to take part in siege. The maximum number of people on each side is 30, those who are on the defensive - 50. Everyone who participates in the siege will be an enemy for each other. If the invaders can defend their castle, the castle will remain with them, and they will receive a reward again. If the castle is destroyed and the crystal is broken, the siege ends, and at midnight in real time the castle will be restored automatically or immediately. A crystal can take damage from hand damage only. He will not take any damage from siege weapons. Damage from siege damage takes only the walls and gates of the castle.
I took the idea from another game, but if our administration can do it on our servers, then I think that they will have to open a new server so that there is enough space for new players.

3. 4.0 update:
I am glad that administration decided to install update 4.0. But along with this, I noticed one problem on all official servers, after honor began to drop out from mobs, such pvp events as Halcyona war and M.M became boring, because few people visited them. On our server at moment we can get about 20k honor by visiting only every event per day. I really hope that administration and the players will support me in removing honor bags from objects that could fall from mobs to Auroria.

I would also like to note that so far, for entire existence of our private servers (Russian and American), no player factions and no guild has even tried to kill Leviathan. It all comes down to the fact that it is very complicated and requires too much resources, patience and good preparation for this. I would like administration and players to support me in that it is necessary to simplify farm of Leviathan, which will be equivalent to farm of Kraken, but at the same time give a truncated loot from the boss.
For defeat given out full enoan galleon blueprint, armor of Lord of Seas. For hanging corpse of Leviathan on a hook, which is located on diamond shores, give out a very good buff, honor, and as I heard a lot of gold. I think, in return for simplifying farm, administration should cut drop enoan galleon blueprint, and also remove amount of gold that is given for killing a leviathan, or reduce it by several times, equal to amount that you get from Kraken.
I would also like to add that do not need to give 1 hour to kill the Reedwind, need to remove restrictions, like a Kraken, Dragon and Leviathan.

I really hope that players and administration will support my idea, because we need more pvp content!
I hope the players and the administration will understand this text. Because I translated most of the text using a Google translator!