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Ticket System Guide

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Ticket System Guide

- Log into your Account Panel.
For that, please follow the link https://na.archerage.to/page/profile/ and enter your Username and Password.

- Press Tickets button.
You’ll see it next Main / Donate / Services buttons.

тик 1.png

- Press “+” to add a new ticket --> select a ticket category, add subject, text and screenshot or video if available. Press POST.
Important: Only imgur.com or youtube.com urls are allowed!

Ticket System includes the following categories: Ban Appeal; Bug report; Player report; Suggestion and Question. You’ll need to choose one of them, the best suited.

There are 4 types of the statuses available that will help you to follow on the ticket status:

- Opened (ticket just created and sent to Administration)
- Wait user (staff member replied to your ticket)
- Wait staff (you replied to the staff member and awaiting for further reply/ticket to be closed)
- Closed (issue was resolved, ticket was closed)


Please feel free to post your questions regarding the system and find more details regarding the Ticket System here: https://na.archerage.to/forums/index.php?threads/ticket-system.3592/
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