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Vault & Chest BUFFS

Would people be interested in this change?

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Recently you added the dimensional storage chest design. With that, you can craft numerous extra chests for books, costumes and vehicles. The Costume being one you can swap costumes back and forth between characters, also different factions in a sense. Was wondering if the Joyride Vault could be flagged to do the same? So say I can take my car or ship and play on the East, currently it is on my West toon. I can use my costumes, just cant access anything else.

In terms of balance and allowing more freedom to play alts, one of the biggest drawbacks is ships, cars and the like. This would also prevent a lot of burnout as you can get away from people or go to help people you know in the game, met as a pirate or PN and they are from the opposite faction over time. Also for some crafting equipment that sits completely unused on a high level character, while it could be used up on a new character.

I do not expect anything for Obsidian gear, as the main drawback for that was being bound vs Delphinad and Ayanad having freedom of use. But having the ability to use your own created items in a more flexible way would be a super fun addition to the game.

Would this be possible to implement? If so could these be flagged for use:

Joyride Vault - (For Cars, Ships and ETC.)
Hummingbird Storage Chest (For Sheet Music)
Splendid Costume Chest (Already working)
Archaeologist's Storage Chest (For Shards and Abyssal Crystals)

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Afaik these are a kind of otherworld storage chest, and therefore have the same permissions as those? All these dimensionals are bop, untradeable, and char bound. If you'd want these to be useable across all chars, then the otherworld should be too.


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The costume one is usable and says private, is why I am asking for a couple more. The otherworldly no, as it would allow for Obsidian Weapons and armor to be moved and those should not be moved.