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Primary is the cross, primary is the cross... and we're dead.

Velocity is made up of a mixture of experienced players, some as far as Alpha as well as many new players now seeking to find a home within the new ArcheRage NA server. If you want to enjoy the game to the highest level, minus all the b*ll-shit that tends to go with it. We might be the place for you.

Velocity will be a hub for those experienced in ArcheAge, or the new player who shows talent. We offer an organized raid environment, partaking in all forms of content, hence the PvX tag, rather than the more conventional PvE or PvP.

Not every player is the same, and not every player contributes to the guild in the same way.

Our goals include the locking down of world boss content as well as daily events such as Lasca, Rifts, and Abyssal. Whilst offering transparency in where funds and items are being channeled, no more assets vanishing into leadership pockets.

Ultimately - Velocity doesn't look to define your playstyle, instead, it provides a framework for you to play the game how you want to, alongside like-minded players.

  • Competent written and spoken English.
  • Ability to use voice chat (Microphone not required but heavily recommended)
  • Progress Orientated player (Not necessarily GS)
  • Knowledge of the game, or a keen interest in picking up that knowledge
Gear requirements will be implemented, but to state the obvious this is a fresh start.

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Be active in voice, even if you can't speak, voice is a must for relaying commands
  • Raid, Guild chat and Discord should be in English at all times
  • Follow guild declared diplomatic stances
Anything else, you're good to go, PvP, purple up, steal fish - Enjoy yourself.

Public Discord
Guild Discord
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This post was fixed(We appreciate it!), Good luck on your guild!

Yours Truly,
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The above was a misunderstanding due not using the name I went by back in those days, combined with falling out of touch with lots of people over the years.

With that being said it has been discussed both with Deja Vu proper, and the people already signed up to play with us on ArcheRage NA and we'll be renaming to Velocity.

The OP has been reworded and IronLady contacted for a rename of the thread title as seemingly I'm unable to do so.
E: I was blind, found the rename thread button.

I hope that clears up any questions people have.

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Do you allow archer , darkrunner, böighter and other classes which are useless regarding contesting other guilds, raid/zerg PvP? Guild sounds promising but without good raid setup / Mageball there won't any chance to contest i.example the russian guilds.
People are welcome to join with any spec, however down the line raid specs will be required following the sadly rather stale, mage ball meta.

i.e the standard

Frontliners - Skullknight, and to a lesser extent abolishers
Healers - Templar/Cleric mix
DPS - Mage ball dps classes, with a few single targetters/cc specialists

Once the server has matured past the fresh start phase melee dps will likely be limited to abolisher, shadowblade and bloodreaver. With yet more revenants. Because yay revenant.
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