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Warning to the artists here...


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Apparently selling/commissioning your art for gold is not allowed. For some reason up until now it was not addressed. The Technical Assistant SjinderSon posted this in Discord earlier:

But you can sell your artwork via crest stamps according to him.

Issue there being no one wants to have to keep sending crest stamps to their customers since the crest ink is not tradable.

Not sure if this is anything the admins would actually pursue since its been going on since the server started but just be careful!

Maybe we can get an official response from @Sparkle.


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As you didn't include the reason as to why I shall explain.
By technicality selling artwork is an rmt exchange. By selling artwork you are inturn receiving gold for something external to the game which in context would mean buying gold but for the price of artwork that is not inside the game already. Unless artwork is made an exceotion to the rule.
While it is not something we pursue and haven't done.


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By the arguements presented in the screenshots and in this thread that would call even selling the crest stamps themselves is a RMT...

This is because the thing people are buying is NOT the stamp itself, but, what the stamp is or has as its image.

This then is no different to trading someone the crest ink, yet one (selling the art to be a crest ink) is considered RMT while the other (selling the stamps) is fine? Even though both contain an aspect created outside the game?
Is the issue that something from outside game is traded for in game item, DESPITE, as I have pointed out that EITHER situation is basically exactly the same. In fact the only thing that changes is WHO uses memory ink -- artist selling stamps or customer using a crest ink with artwork they were given and may or may have not given gold to the artist for

Why not just make inks not bound to char to bring parity to Inks and Stamps? Would be an easy exchange method that would legitimise both buyers and sellers if allowed, and can be kept track of on logs.


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While it is not something we pursue and haven't done.
Yesterday you deleted someones post in the official discord who was selling custom artwork for credits, and now you say it's something you do not pursue and have not done? Thank you Sparkle for clearing it up, but I think in the future it would be better if other staff members can just say "I don't know the answer to that, I will check with Sparkle" instead of giving out incorrect information.