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New improved Youtube Video to promote the server! Please check it out under "Game & Forum events" tab and pass it on to your friends! Please check out all the other player made video's as well and pass them on!
Preparing a lit Youtube Video for advertising event, I hope to get even more new/returning players!
Public crafting mansion in northern Ahnimar, complete with a multipurpose workbench, all regal and private tables, adjacent workbenches and farmer's workstation. Also includes all proficiency boost items for +20k to all main crafts. All are welcome! See more info and updates in the forum post.
I don't know. I don't understand to time 5 minute "Support Pack" not gift failed can't anytime no. ☹😩😵😭 I never zero too. How? Support Pack 5 minutes..... What are you time? Ask when is anytime? Failed ☹😭💔💔💔 Please help me. How? time 5 minuter "Support Pack" 🕐
You need to request it through Discord. Check this guide for the details:
cant enter the server the loging page never finish to verify if there is a update and stay in CHECKING FOR UPDATE
New player, first post, and joining a forum event right freakin now 💜 ... and holy- i did not know it would show the age... don't mind that, its totally not my real age~ ...or is it