[18+][West] Beck’s Privateers - 4k gs Req

Discussion in 'Guilds and Alliances' started by Beck, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Beck

    Beck Member

    We're still here btw :lulmao:
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  2. Jinyia

    Jinyia New Member

    fun guild to be apart of and we do drunken pirate things and that's ALWAYS a good time, even if we don't catch anyone slippin ^_^
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  3. dzhafarmakhmudov

    dzhafarmakhmudov New Member

    DRUNK 'beer PIRATE 'gangstaNIGHT'crazy
  4. Hny

    Hny New Member

    super friendly guild even if you're new to the game <3
  5. Seleen

    Seleen New Member

    Bump, nice and helpful people!
  6. oyo_mcy3

    oyo_mcy3 New Member

    If you want to meet some of the greatest pepole, who respect you and like to have fun, then this is the place to come. Lots of fun!
    Hope to see y'all new recruits soon :^)
  7. Zexy

    Zexy New Member

    Best damn guild in Nuia by far. We do shit but are laid back at the same time. Balanced and fun. And... DRUNK PIRATING NIGHT... No more needs said..

    Come join the darkside... We have cheesecake ;)
    CHEERS 'beer
  8. goodmourning

    goodmourning New Member

    Becks Privateers? More like my privateers :p
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  9. Picklerick

    Picklerick New Member

    PickleRick's Privateers! We get drunk, laugh and do stuff like dominion red guilds while our members run packs 'idk
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