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[Festival] Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival


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Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival
(April, 21st - May, 4th, 2020)

Celebrate spring and enjoy Cherry Blossom viewing together with us during the Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival!
Come to Lutesong Harbor just to enjoy the trees beauty with the guests of the Festival or help the organizers to cope with the influx of tourists and get a reward for it.


To participate in the Festival visit Lutesong Harbor in Villanelle. To reach the place quickly use the portals that will be opened in Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores.
When you arrive, Festival Keeper Chandra will meet you there.


In the festival area, you will be offered various tasks:
- Fishmonger Mio will ask for your help with planting new cherries,
- Brewmaster Haryeon will need you to prepare a festive drink,
- Amon and Lebeto will ask for your help as well. All quests can be completed once a day.


In addition, it is worth talking to baby Somi. She will tell you about a Gigantic Honeybee that is a threaten for the festival.
A dangerous empress of insects appears 3 times a day: at 1:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 12:00 am. This task can be completed several times a day.


For your help, you will receive special festival coins - Cherry Blossom Coins

You can exchange them in Festival Gift Exchanger to the following items:

Cherry Blossom Lute
Decorative Cherry Blossom Lute
Springscent Coronet
Cherry Blossom Reflecting Pool
Small Everbloom Cherry Tree
Large Everbloom Cherry Tree
Brown "Whole Yata Joy" Painting
Pink "Whole Yata Joy" Painting
Purple "Whole Yata Joy" Painting
Origin of the Cherry Blossom Festival
Li'l Kitten Cutout
Li'l Yata Cutout
Li'l Elk Cutout
Li'l Wolfhound Cutout
Pirate's Token
Merit Badge
Secret Gift
Hermit's Heart (Cuirass piece from Hermit's Costume)


On the picture is a full Hermit's costume. From this event you can obtain Cuirass only - Hermit's Heart. Other pieces of the costume will be available in future events.

And don't forget to look for the Bard. He's a special guest of the festival but sometimes it may be hard to find him.


And if you try a hot drink from Brewmaster Haryeon you'll have a chance to temporary feel the power of ancient warriors!


Make sure to also participate in the Mini-Event that Smitten Greenman prepared for you!

For it collect Sunglow Cherry Tree Seed once a day from the lower left corner of your screen and talk to the Smitten Greenman on Mirage Isle to exchange it for a sapling.
Plant the Sunglow Cherry Sapling and collect Sunglow Fruit and Cherry Blossom.
For your efforts you will be rewarded with a Gilda Star Bundle chest (daily) and Blossom Umbrella decor item (one time quest).