A good build for lvling a Battlerage DPS ?

Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by SnowTooth, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. SnowTooth

    SnowTooth New Member

    More or less what the titles say...oh would be nice to have some survival in there too, some heals of some sort :D
  2. Kamikage

    Kamikage New Member

    You can build a paladin(Battlerage,Defense,Vitalism). Is a tanky class if you invest properly in defense skillset. For times when you are low on HP you can heal yourself while also having albeit low dps from battlerage. Would recommend starting out with auroria club and shield and replacing club to an obsidian shortspear asap. Obsidian shortspear will allow you to have healing with a proper dps. Also if you are a pve player, investing in plate is good as most mobs are physical dmg. Also with good familiarity with the class you might survive against an equal gearscore Darkrunner XD.

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