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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Tsu

    Tsu Member

    I think the 27th is a fine date, but atleast make the launch somewhat accessible timewise to NA/EU and OCE
  2. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We are not changing time zones or balance our server time according to them. Server will keep same time and will not turn clock back or forward.
    Server time can be checked at a Launcher start or at the main website page:
  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Of course, unfortunately, it's impossible to find best date and time that will suite everybody. We are still considering which one from that time frame is the best.
    3.0 release will remain on March, 27th.
  4. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Progress will be saved. If there will be any concerns after 3.0 release, please let us know, we'll check it out.
  5. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    Awesome, thank you! I was worried. =)
  6. Heat

    Heat New Member

    Kala for pres
  7. Splodge

    Splodge Member

    Has anyone seen the official time the server goes down and comes back up? So far all I've seen is a range with a promise of a time closer to the date. Well the server goes down tomorrow. If someone has a link to the time announcement could they share it? Thanks in advance. I'm so ready for 3.0.
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Server will go down Monday evening, not tomorrow. We have a 3.0 release on 3/27. Accurate time will be provided to the players within next 2 days.
  9. Splodge

    Splodge Member

    Monday? I don't know why I was thinking it was tomorrow night. Thanks for the update. I clearly need to switch back to caffeinated coffee.
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  10. shadowsoul

    shadowsoul New Member

    Hi All, When Will New Client Will Be released In Torrent Since In My Place its 2 Days From 27th.
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Torrent is already available. You can start to download it, just make sure not to install till noon on 3/26 as in that case you'll not be able to play current 2.9 version any longer.
  12. EEK

    EEK Member

    Just to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Originally it was said that 3.0 will launch in the evening of March 27th and you even wrote that was so people can have time to come back from work. It is now launching at 12 PM noon server time which I believe is 9 AM PST/12 PM EST on a weekday? I thought most people on this server are in North America and that is normal school/working hours. Please tell me I have the time wrong!

    ^New update - Thanks, that makes everything better. :)
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  13. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Previously, as it was mentioned, only approximate time was provided. Now the official time was given that is 12 noon.
    Players will be able to start playing any time after that. Land will be available for claim after 6 pm only for majority to be online for it in time.
  14. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    This makes me sad, i went through this with Trion on a merge in 3.5 - Is there any way we could ask you guys to reconsider bringing the server up when the land would actually become available instead of having the no lifers camping a single spot.

    Edit: It's not like we didn't have a whole month to prepare for this. I feel like i am being punished because i've been ready for this land rush for over a week now.
  15. ruanjos

    ruanjos Member

    Please reconsider this, it will punish people who is ready to rush , and will favor land hackers making the best spots automatically taken by those individuals

    Please no land lockdown
  16. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    Ya, just don't bring it up till 6pm EST - keep the server's down till then. We were all expecting it to be up at that time anyways, so just keep it down till then.
  17. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

  18. silverblade

    silverblade New Member

  19. silverblade

    silverblade New Member

  20. Aumdaydar

    Aumdaydar Active Member

    It's simple really, just don't bring the server's up till 6pm EST - that's what was said, that's what was expected, that's what should happen. Pandering to people who weren't ready after having over a month to prepare is blowing my mind.

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