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Discussion in 'Skills and Classes' started by Lorasar, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Lorasar

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    Hi! Hello! I'm looking for a class/archetype capable of the most solo DPS per creep, actual as for 3.5 patch. As a devoted PvE grinder myself, I'm no stranger to spending exorbitant sums on every kind of expendables just in order to maximise my PvE damage output. I don't care about my viability in PvP nor do I cut my expenses in order to save my ingame resources per monster, and as such I don't settle to self-heal/vampire/minimin-minimax tactics, instead I tend to exploit all the stats the game can provide and squeeze my efficiency into maximin/maximax grind situation, replenishing my HP/MP/buffs/whatever stocks willingly if it gets my grind damage output on a new level.

    Wrapping things up, I'm looking forward for your space ninja zombie monk munchkin grinder realness builds and tips right here in this thread, thank you so much. I will be so grateful.
  2. Kobby

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    If you’re wanting to focus on solo farming only, I still have to vouch for Darkrunner with a strong 2h weapon and spec Meditate into Auramancy. You typically 1-3 hit mobs and between soups and meditate you essentially have unlimited mana.
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  3. Rhaege

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    I'm uncertain as to your goal here. grinding mobs is usually a matter of sustain, not damage. if you're just looking for big crits vs mobs, go DR as Kobby said or spellsinger i guess. Stay away from focus/resilience gems as those are for pvp, choose damage/attack speed, etc instead. .

    If you're actually looking for an efficient coinpurse farming build, you likely want one of the mage classes for aoe rotations. Killing pve mobs falls into two groups. ridiculously easy and too much trouble to bother.

    Honestly, unless your interested in trade runs or PVP of some kind, you likely won't be around for long because the pve "content" of the game is all just reasons to gather people in one spot so other people can force pvp upon them. Even trading/trade packs is just a content provider for pirates and other faction reavers. the entire point of AA/AR is to give people a reason to go into dangerous places so that other people can prey upon them and use them as "pvp content" PvE in this game is a second or afterthought.
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  4. Kobby

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    Larceny is extremely profitable at the moment especially for new players. Mysterious garden powder is roughly 15-17g ea and can be farmed easily by noobs in Karkasse Ridgeands during war by opening prince crates. The class I recommend most for efficiency is a Revenant as occultism pair with auramancy’s meditate means unlimited sustain and killer aoe. However, his criteria was simply a good single target farming class which DR probably trumps them all. Do not overlook larceny as someone brand new to the game at lvl 55 can make 300-600g/hr doing larceny on prince crates during war.
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