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    (January, 22nd - February, 11th)
    Miracles happen... And one miracle really happened! Dragons came to the Ahnimar!

    People thought that all dragons became extinct at the destruction of the Auroria, but this turned out to be just a stupid assumption of mortal races. Dragons will always exist... they can’t be destroyed by some kind of pathetic destruction of the mainland. Moreover, dragons have their kingdom, leaders and etc…

    One day, a group of dragons escaped from the yoke of imperial power, that was trying to establish their tyrannical rules for freedom-loving dragons. This group of dragons established their small outpost in the Lotus Song Garden that is in Ahnimar. As soon as scientists and craftsmen heard about it, they came to meet and study the dragons. All of them, ultimately, came to the conclusion that this group of dragons was peaceful and friendly.
    Therefore, they have opened the Lotus Song Garden for everyone to go and meet the dragons!
    Check it out as well!

    How to get to the Festival?

    Use one of 3 portals that are located in Austera, Marianople and on the Diamond Shores to get to the Lotus Song Garden.


    Multiple scientists, biologists and managers came to the festival. They will offer you various tasks that will help you get to know the dragons better and gain their respect.​

    You’ll need to help the young dragon to prepare for upcoming competitions
    Right, dragons also love to compete! ;)

    Beat harmful rats. Catch them right at the entrance to the burrows. The more rats you kill, the higher the reward you can get!


    Participate in the battle against the Imperial Dragon. Do your best, as Imperial Dragon is seeking to destroy the world of local residents and new home of dragons.
    Dragon will appear 3 times a day - at 2 pm, 7 pm and 12 am.


    Save a baby dragon from the hands of shameless poachers.

    Many other quests are waiting to you daily, during the entire festival period.

    The Dragon God

    In the center of the Lotus Song Garden you will find a statue build by the dragons to honor their one and only God. He is loved not only by the dragons... but he also will give great blessings to anyone who pays respect to him.
    The Dragon God, in exchange for an offering, will endow the suppliant with a bit of his power.
    The body of a mere mortal can't receive the God’s power more than once in 6 hours.

    The list of blessings you can obtain:
    Dragon God's Kiss - Max Mana +2500.
    Dragon God's Power - Max Health +2500.
    Dragon God's Knowledge - Casting time -3.5%.
    Dragon God's Speed - Move speed +3.5%.
    Dragon God's Luck - Increases drop rate +10%.
    Dragon God's Agility - Attack Speed +3.5%.

    You can't choose the blessing to receive, each time the God will decide it himself...
    Dragon Rewards
    Dragons did not come with the empty hands. They brought multiple interesting never seen before things with them. You will be able to get them from the Festival Exchanger, in exchange to festival tokens.

    Among them...​
    Dragons Figurines


    Dragons Eggs


    Decorative Ice Dragon Pipe


    Dragon's Eye


    Fire Dragon Scale


    Dragonmaster costume, cloaks and Ice Dragon's Flame sword

    The festival will take place in Lotus Song Garden, Ahnimar.
    For the Festival period, Ahnimar will become a festival zone.
    This festival has much more daily tasks than regular festivals, therefore, the prices in the Exchanger are a bit higher than usual.

    Welcome to the Dragons Festival!
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  2. Izanamihime

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    Participate in the battle against the Imperial Dragon. Do your best, as Imperial Dragon is seeking to destroy the world of local residents and new home of dragons.
    Dragon will appear 3 times a day - at 2 pm, 7 pm and 12 am. <<<

    Central European times ( Amsterdam ) 8 pm, 1 am and 6 am. <<<>>> You are welcome
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  3. AkariuTamokiy

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    Is the dragon that appears the 3 times beneficial like the pumkin candy event or does we get a quest that we only do need once? I ask because people like me who lives in europe could do it actually just once then because the other two times where the dragon is would be early in the morning. If it is beneficial, could you add one time at 11 am (CET 5 pm) so that we have 4 times like in the halloween event?
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  4. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    Hello @Sparkle , a little feedback regarding one of the event minigames c: (loving it on the whole btw!)


    There's no way near enough hammers for some reason, and the amount of rats for the people trying to finish quest makes it really hard to do.

    So, I couldn't get a 2nd hammer and seeing as the 2nd quest has a timer, I failed it. Barely finished first quest with my one hammer that I was able to get.

    Also, people summoned owls on top of the table, to prevent others from taking hammers...or make it harder for others.

    I understand the time rush behind this minigame, however maybe the timers can be adjusted slightly.. or make it easier to get hammers/rats.

    Aside from this quest for smashing rats, there was a big rush on the poacher quest as well. The mobs were camped on spawn, and the cage is on cooldown almost continuously because everyone shares that, its not an individual "open the cage". Maybe this can be slightly adjusted as well.

    ty for reading and considering!
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  5. Aviendha

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    I looked at the event just now c: these are the 3 quests related to the boss, as you can see only one of them is a daily:


    The daily gives the following reward:

    The other quest gives this reward and can only be done once, i assume;


    The third quest gives the required dragon energy thats used in the second quest.

    So one quest to be done once a day (daily, not repeatable, as noted in first screenshot) and one that can be done once during event.
    Hope this helps! c:
  6. Sparkle

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    @Aviendha it's a first day of the fest and it has just started. Of course everybody went directly to it and there are a lot of ppl there and players are lacking NPCs to kill. It will be less players during the same hours at the next days.
    Hammer can be used only once. You can't pick up another one to continue a quest. Kill as many rats as you can while you still have a hammer.
  7. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    Couldn't complete the hammer rats quests, didnt even see the hammer ever, also examine dragon statue never completed even tho I tried to give mats to dragon and appease, nothing - same thing guildies reported.
  8. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    maybe.. i think also however a lot of people just give up on day one xd i just tried to be proactive here c:
  9. Sparkle

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    Only 1 person can do it at a time (kill rats with hammer). If somebody already has a hammer and kill rats, you can't get a hammer. You need to wait.
    Send me screenshot on the 2nd quest. I'll take a look and tell you what you are doing wrong.
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    To check for the Achievements connected with the festival go to Seasonal --> Winter.
  11. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    Few bugs:
    if u have hardwood previously it won't count towards the quest, also had to cut multiple hardwoods(more than 2) until the quest FINALLY said and qualified that i got the hardwood for that stupid pack... u cannot unequip the pack, which is stupid
  12. rippington

    rippington Member

    also, i have the Pack, how are we meant to get back to the hand in? boat then run through multiple pvp areas to hand in? Hardly fair for anyone who isnt west faction... you cant even take the pack off and dump this mess of a quest. so far the general consensus seems to be that this is an abortion of a festival already and it has been a few hours.
  13. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh New Member

    The wooden hammer quest is impossible. The hammer spawns once every 2 minutes, so you have to sit by spamming the wooden hammers location. Even if you do pick up a wooden hammer and equip it, only 1 person actually gets credit for the quest and that person is supposed to be the one smashing the rats, not everyone at once. So you have to wait for hundreds of people to finish their quest before you get a chance at yours?

    On that note, there's only 4 or 5 poachers for the poacher quest. And there's only 1 dragon cage. Like the hammer, you have to sit around for a minute and spam F and hopefully you'll be the one to open the dragon cage. If you have poor ping, you're SOL.

    I think the devs forgot that this was an MMO when designing this festival.
  14. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It's a one time quest that gives you high reward. Wolrth some risk.

    All festivals work this way. It's a first day of the festival, of course there are many people there. You don't need to sit and wait, you can do another quest meanwhile or return later.
  15. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member


    u expect this many people to do it properly? and its not even rush hour...
    half the time, even if u get the hammer, u don't get credit for hitting rats... so... i dunno.
    either make more hitting pens or i dunno....

    Where do you get [Dragon God's Breath of Life] for the [Living Dragon Egg]?

    P.S. only managed to d to the lvl1, lvl2 when no one was around and failed lvl 3, cause hammer timed out. So all in all, impossible to do if there are more than 1 person around :D wonder if darkrunners spins work on the rats when u equipped with hammer? (if it does... gj yet again another advantage for battlerage xD)
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  16. Domolovesbacon

    Domolovesbacon New Member

    Where do you get [Dragon God's Breath of Life] for the [Living Dragon Egg]?

    Looks like you may get the Dragon God's Breath of Life from the achievement, Master of Worship. You can find that under Achievements > General Tab> Seasonal> Winter.
  17. Tangerine

    Tangerine Member

    Loving these fun quests and nice decorations! *_* but that rat quest was a toughie, gave up on the 2nd half
  18. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    Also one suggestion is it possible to make the dragon which u have to kill not once per day but 3 times(so u get rewards those few coins each time u kill it), cause that's usually the pattern on other events(u would be rewarded coins each time u kill it). For example in Blue Salt Sanddeep festival quest when u had to kill the crab boss, if u showed up every time u got 3 coins each time, and with dragon u do the quest only once per day so no reason to show up other times to help down the dragon.
  19. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    This is silly. No other event was there a huge backlog like this on a quest.

    Waste of time to make people do it one at a time ONLY to then have to wait at a Table for an Item that can will be competed for by other players, just like Landgrabs/Demos and Lord Coin NPCs...

    This also unfairly disadvantages high ping players from ever completing the Quest....

    Very unfun mechanic. Even though there appears to be legitimate reasons for the one-at-a-time it is still unfun.

    Add more hammer tables, easy fix.

    NO not all festivals work this way. yes there is stuff like the FESTIVAL BARD finding that is time limited, but, for a main quest... the only stuff that players have ever had to wait for is picking up an interact-able item that has a very low respawn CD, such as the Pumpkins at Halotide, or the Flowers at the White Ardern Wedding, etc...
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  20. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    The issue is that it would be silly to make all of Sanddeep, Hellswamp peace areas just for the festival. Can you imagine how much Gold West could farm from Trade Packs.... That would be even worse :DDD

    That being said it's not nice that East/Pirate/PN factions have to go through more PvP zones than a West player... going from DS through all the the Arcadian Sea and Castaway Strait is enough...

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