[Forum Event] Be My Valentine

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Lalisa

    Lalisa New Member

    IGN : Lalisa
    Reward to me : Lalisa

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  2. Ursa

    Ursa New Member

    Made by (IGN): Ursa
    Rewards sent to (IGN): Ursa

    Only the strong and the brave are capable of loving.
    Happy Valentine's Day for all!

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  3. thadude3

    thadude3 New Member

    IGN: Thakilla
    Rewards: Thakilla

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  4. Nixkie

    Nixkie New Member

    IGN: Nixkie
    Rewards: Zelsius

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  5. Forty

    Forty Member

    Ign: Forty
    Reward: Forty

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  6. Owen Wagstaff

    Owen Wagstaff New Member

    IGN: Alyesia
    To all of my ArcheRage friends
    Rewards to Alyesia

    AA Valentine Final.png
  7. Asmodea

    Asmodea New Member

    IGN: Asmodea
    Reward: Asmodea
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  8. Harken

    Harken New Member

    IGN: Shadowthrone(If I win, credits to Shadowthrone, costume to Lapislazzuli please!)

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  9. ThaFoxRay

    ThaFoxRay New Member


    IGN: Silverfoxxx
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  10. arthurthedark

    arthurthedark New Member

    From: Akashiya
    To: All my good friends, specially mention to Norhi, Lusk, Yokai, Kiyalu and Rali


    IGN: Akashiya
    Rewards to myself
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  11. BunnyJosay

    BunnyJosay New Member

    Made by (IGN): Serotonin
    Rewards sent to (IGN): Rellik

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  12. Kusuda

    Kusuda New Member

    Dedicated to the love of my life, my greatclub.
    Made by (IGN) Kusuda
    Rewards go towards paying off Archerage staff to not include ode nerf in 3.5
    If that doesn't work, send them to Books, my husband
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  13. Beck

    Beck Member

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  14. Picklerick

    Picklerick New Member

    IGN: Picklerick
    To: Everyone, because the community is nothing without you ;D
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  15. Jamzy

    Jamzy New Member

    From (IGN): Jamzy
    Rewards sent to (IGN): Solokia

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  16. zelsius

    zelsius New Member

    IGN: Zelsius
    Rewards IGN: Nixkie enter.jpg
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  17. EEK

    EEK Member

    IGN: Eek
    Reward to: Peep

    My Valentine's Day card to my pocket healer, Peep!

  18. Peep

    Peep Active Member

    IGN: Peep
    Reward to: Eek
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  19. Tankup

    Tankup New Member

    IGN: Tankup
    Reward to: Miraclebanana

  20. Solly

    Solly New Member

    IGN : Solokia
    Rewards to : Jamzy
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