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Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Four seasons
    We are with you for almost a year... Fall... Winter... Spring... Summer... 4 seasons have passed.
    Our new Forum Event will be connected with these seasons.

    Prepare 4 screenshots with your character on each of them. Each screenshot will need to represent 1 season and have it's own title. Best screenshots will be rewarded. And make sure to mention your character name with your post.

    1. Only one work per player (4 screenshots in total).
    2. Each screenshot should have it's own title.
    3. It should be your original work. Don't copy it from the net.
    4. Graphic editors are not allowed. The only exception is ArcheRage logo (available bellow). It needs to be present on the screenshot.
    5. Include your character name.

    1st place - 3000 credits + title "Fashion Model" (Intelligence +5, Movement speed +2%, Increases Resilience +100)
    2nd place - 2000 credits + title "Fashion Model"
    3rd place - 1000 credits + title "Fashion Model"
    4th-7th place - 500 credits

    Last day of the event - October, 18th.
    ArcheRage logo (open)
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  2. Vexeris

    Vexeris Member

    IGN: Vexeris

    Springtime Contemplations
    Springtime Contemplations.jpg

    Conversations with a Mermaid
    Conversations with a Mermaid.jpg

    To Meet an Autumn Lord
    To Meet An Autumn Lord.jpg

    The Ghost of Winter's Past
    The Ghost of Winter's Past.jpg
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  3. Roxiee

    Roxiee Member

    Having a "splash" in the Summer sun!
    Playing with Buster in the perfect Autumn weather
    Catching snowflakes in Winter
    Stopping to smell the roses in Spring with FooFoo
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  4. RogueChoi

    RogueChoi Member

    Reserved :D
  5. Borcha

    Borcha Member

    (If I wasn't supposed to put full image, please let me know.)

    Hunting bears high in the mountains of Airain Rock with Luka. Winter Hunting.jpg
    Harvesting Season has finally come! Harvesting Season!.jpg
    Winning a brawl at the beach, that'll teach 'em! Summer Brawl.jpg
    Enjoying a nice Autumn afternoon with Momo. Calm Autumn.jpg
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  6. Ign: Toastedbabybuns
    Fall fishing season

    Riding winter's breath

    Spring blossom whimsy

    spring (1).jpg

    Staying cool in the cruel summer
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  7. Neemo

    Neemo New Member

    IGN : Neemo

    Hoorayy !! Spring is coming !

    The only thing i care about Autumn is just playing music under the waterfall.

    HELLO WORLD !!!!!

    My photographer said, it's the best season to go to the beach
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  8. vivalagucci

    vivalagucci New Member

  9. amaath

    amaath New Member

  10. Over

    Over New Member

    Hey all! Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them!

    IGN: Overlander

    [1] Summer fun!

    [2] Taking in the Autumn breeze


    [3] Stopping to smell the flowers

    [4] We're almost there buddy!

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  11. Tpriith

    Tpriith New Member

  12. Darriel22

    Darriel22 New Member

  13. PocketHealer

    PocketHealer New Member

  14. Nell

    Nell New Member

    IGN: Nele

    Springtime Fun! - Playing Hide & Seek

    Winter: *Screams* "Please don't eat me Mr. Snowman!"

    Summer: Capturing Summer's warmth!

    Autumn: Basking in the Autumn sun when suddenly a wild wolf appears!
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  15. nathanico

    nathanico Member


    JRENEGADE New Member

  17. hevensdragon

    hevensdragon New Member

    IGN: Loral
    Fresh start
    AC you failed me[​IMG]
    Beating the chills onset[​IMG]
    Solitary watcher[​IMG]
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  18. Lalisa

    Lalisa New Member

    IGN : Lalisa

    [1] Springtime let the Sakura Blooms

    [2] Come join wimme, on this hot

    [3] Autumn comes, It's Witch Time!


    [4] Let's Enjoy the Winter Snow !
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  19. charlesada

    charlesada New Member

    ING: Kikyta

    Enjoying in fresh air in Autumn

    Summer perfect for fishing and relax with frends
    Winter like in Game of Thrones :D <3 redy for saving a castel from the monsters :D

    Everything is Beautiful with Lovley Spring in my Garden

    7777777 (1).jpg
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  20. Yumeria

    Yumeria New Member

    spring is coming .. time for a picnic!
    spring copy.jpg

    summer, sun and water
    summer copy.jpg

    I love pumpkins in autumn
    autumm copy.jpg

    cold ... cold ... ah this winter
    winter copy.jpg

    ing: Yumeria

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