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Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. CarebearAn

    CarebearAn Member

    is that 70-90 for everyone that's at titan or the total being dropped from the titan loot table?
  2. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    ye its for everyone
  3. Updown

    Updown Member

    This rift part is unplayable, consider adding 3 rift at the time, way too big lag, can't tag normally, it's a 20 minute pray you get your quest done.
  4. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We are currently looking into the lags issue and will make some changes to avoid repeating lags at the rifts days. Change can't be implemented today but we'll have it done by the next rifts day. We apologize for the inconveniences connected with that!
  5. Rifts are still small things, but tomorrow trash will start .... when the all server will gather on Big Titan
  6. Alurage

    Alurage New Member

    Hi, having joined multiple Titan rifts today and being concerned about tomorrow's Titan boss event:

    The titan rift quest was easy enough as you have a rift every 3 hours, however I don't understand how you expect everyone to be able to complete the quest following the titan rift quest.

    My understanding of this is: Titan Rift kill quest - Titan Follower kill quest - Titan Boss kill quest - Scoop energy. Can you confirm this?

    On Wednesday(tomorrow), we are likely going to be 400+ players fighting over the actual titan boss who will presumably spawn his followers before/during the fight, we need the followers for the next part of the quest. Unless every of the 8+ raids gets the tags I don't see how this PvE event is going to be completed by everyone. Not to mention that It will be a lag fest, it sounds like you have to be lucky for a raid to get their Follower kill quest completed and apparently as per your comments only those that have completed all quests will be able to scoop up the titan's energy after the kill.

    Can you explain how you expect everyone to complete the titan follower kill quest?, I'm sure some raids will get all quests one in one event, but this will be the most crowded event so I don't see how every raid, even at full capacity, will get the follower kill quest completed in one Titan Boss spawn.

    My point is, I get the Titan Boss kill quest, it will work like Kadum as per your comment, which is great, I like that idea, however I don't get the Titan Follower kill quest's purpose if only raid kills count towards contribution (the Titan rift kill quest worked this way for reference)

    Lastly, realistic for an averge active player is 2/4 Titan boss kills a week unless you expect max reward to only be obtainable by players that attend every instance of this event. This event runs for 4 weeks, so we are talking 8/16 Titan boss kills that the average active player can achieve, now if in any instance a player does not get their quest completed, they likely won't be able to scoop up the 560 Essences required for the fully upgraded title, any idea what can be done about this?
  7. Taikai

    Taikai Member

    is there anyway to add some spawns in Mistmerrow for those of us who are not able to make that due to time zone issues? all MM times for me occur while im at work.
  8. My Self

    My Self New Member

    I wonder if the event will last 3 months. because even if it lasts this whole time, it would not be possible to put 560 "titan's magic quintessence" to get the full title.then it was the 1st day of the event so drop 1x "ancient staff's shard", 3x "ancient weapon's shard" and 4x " titan's magic queintessence ". in 3 rift do not drop anything "0", and in the other 4 times drop only those items.
    I do not know who the brilliant idea was for 3 to 4 raid of nuia plus 3 to 4 raid of Haranya and 2 to 3 raid of pirate to try to kill in the maximum 40 titan's, because it is a very idiotic idea. what is P2WIN because to complete the titles are just buying boxes, there's no way I would not have bought the ARCHERAGE team with TRION. because that is what you are proposing with this P2WIN event.
  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @Alurage I'm sorry, I didn't understand your concern. The questions you ask were already replied in above posts and main post of the thread. Visit the event and you'll see how it worked on your own eyes.

    @Taikai There are 3 MM daily. We'll not add extra.

    @trapwhre02 Correct.

    @My Self What P2W? What boxes? Are you sure you are playing the same server and event as the rest? This event have no boxes and is completely free to play. You receive good rewards but invest nothing more but time here.
  10. Taikai

    Taikai Member

    in other words, im screwed being on the wrong side of the country, im on pacific time. and not asking for a 4th MM in the day, just some of the mobs in the zone so a person can actually participate. i can make the rifts and boss just fine.
  11. Lillis

    Lillis Member

    How can you think having to do titan literally every time for the title is reasonable? How is it fair that if you can't play one of the event days, you're fucked?

    The rifts just don't give enough quintessence to make up for a lost titan day. IF YOU'RE LUCKY, you get the loot of one rift monster for the whole rift duration. So that's 2 essence each time you do the rift. To get 80 essence, you need to do the rift 40 TIMES. That's absurd and unreasonable.

    I feel like the dev team is often unrealistic with how much time the average player has to play.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  12. Kayman

    Kayman New Member

    Event wont get extended? around holiday time and with work most people wont complete this due to raids being full people not getting invite drops are rng only people that will complete are the ones who can sit in front of the pc all day everyday
  13. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    i understand your concerns, but from their point of view its not a one time only event.. if i cant make one day i will just make it a longterm goal myself to get the title i want and wait for event to return.
  14. Lillis

    Lillis Member

    1. It's not twice a day. You can only get the essence if you have the quest. So it's once a day.

    2. The questline is a daily, starting from the mistmerrow mob. So you need to do this twice a week: Be at the last half of mistmerrow, participate on one rift on the day before titan, then kill titan the day after the rift. If you miss a SINGLE tuesday/wednesday/friday/saturday, you can't get the title anymore.
  15. Lillis

    Lillis Member

    Doesn't change the fact that an event designed for you to only get the max reward if you have 100% attendance is bad design. Not even the login tracker, which only requires you to log in and click a button, needs 100% attendance for max rewards. So why should an event that requires you to show up to 3 different scheduled times?
  16. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    If you miss a boss, you can still get a title. You need to visit all 7 bosses only to get the max title. If you miss one or a few, you still receive the rewards. If you want a top title but have no time to do the event, you'll need to wait for event to return.
    Who invests more gets more. You can't do nothing and receive the top rewards.

    @trapwhre02 Though boss is twice a day you can visit only 1 boss. To kill boss and get rewards you need to have a quest for it. That means you can't kill 2 bosses at one day. 2 times were added so players from different regions could have a chance to participate.
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  17. Lillis

    Lillis Member

    But a lot of us will have to miss 1 or 2 titan kills because of unpredictable real life obligations, not because we don't want to put in effort. That's why it's bad design.
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  18. Kayman

    Kayman New Member

    People aren't saying they want the rewards for doing nothing....We just want a fair chance at getting them instead of events based off a time frame
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  19. Izanamihime

    Izanamihime Member

    Id say.. just add a week or 2 extra to the event.. to like new year.. that way People can actually miss 1 or 2 bossess but still have a chance of getting max title..
  20. Freaky

    Freaky New Member

    So just to confirm it: If i did not manage to finish the "Into the battle!" quest where you have to kill 3 Iola and 5 Arcan, I wont get anything for doing the Titan? No drop and no energy scooping?

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